Jungle Gym Strength & Conditioning, LLC: Developing strength and community

Geoff Morehart, left, owner and programmer, and Richard Locklin, head strength coach, spot a client at Jungle Gym. (Photos by Cathy Welch)

During the first few months of the year, many individuals are inspired to maintain their New Year’s resolutions with healthy diets and memberships to their local gyms. Unfortunately, as the months tick by, resolutions tend to slip away. Jungle Gym Strength & Conditioning helps its clients stick to their goals and obtain their health and fitness objectives through participating in the tight-knit community of Jungle Gym.

Morehart and Locklin are proud to work with military personnel as a large part of their clientele.

Geoff Morehart, owner of Jungle Gym, developed a passion for fitness at the age of 19. Morehart has always been active, through playing 14 years of baseball; however, working with a close friend, fitness became more than staying fit for the season. The enthusiasm Morehart developed for health and fitness led him down a career path that inspired him to motivate others to cultivate a similar sense of commitment to learning about their personal health and fitness. By offering results-based programming classes for strength, endurance, mobility, nutrition and overall conditioning, clients of Jungle Gym are able to improve each aspect of their personal health and fitness with like-minded individuals.

Jungle Gym, developed in 2011, began sparking the community’s interest with engaging classes and programs such as the kettlebell classes that would attract more than 100 individuals a session. Originally operating inside of Onelife Fitness, Jungle Gym recently moved to a new building on Blue Crab Road with space to expand. The gym provides locker rooms, showers, a space for free weights, cardio and personalized classes.

“A lot of gyms have the same equipment as Jungle Gym, but we stand out because of our community,” says Morehart, a Newport News native. “Fitness is the easy part. Jungle Gym allows you to get healthy and develop relationships with people you truly care about and who will be excited to watch you meet your goals.”

In addition to creating an atmosphere of family within the gym, Jungle Gym gives back to the community by working with a variety of charities, such as Boys and Girls Club of the Virginia Peninsula. An example of Jungle Gym’s connection with local charities can be seen through its participation in the Newport News One City Marathon. Through partnering with Boys and Girls Club of the Virginia Peninsula and the One City Marathon, the registration fee for joining the marathon is donated to Boys and Girls Club.

Jungle Gym markets itself as a place filled with hard working individuals who work together to create a family. Although the Jungle Gym community is close knit, it is always excited to welcome new clients, pushing them to achieve their fitness goals.

While promoting fitness techniques and encouraging hard work and dedication, the Jungle Gym community gives back while working with each other. Morehart and the rest of the Jungle Gym community achieve their goals and New Year’s resolutions together, and maintain their goals with the encouragement of one another.

Jungle Gym Strength & Conditioning, LLC
Owner: Geoff Morehart
Address: 727 Blue Crab Rd.,  Newport News, VA
Phone: 757-768-5641
Website: junglegymnewportnews.com

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