Karla Zappatelli Manager, Taste Unlimited

Point Blank

As a discerning diner, the first thing I notice about a restaurant is  the faces and attitudes of the staff.

The meal that I make at home that my family loves the most is  Italian Wedding soup with nice crunchy bread.

My favorite aspect of operating a business in Oyster Point is  building relationships with the members of our Oyster Point community!

When I think of the perfect autumn evening,  I think about  crisp, fresh air and sitting around a fire with great friends!

A song that I listen to when I want to feel motivated is  “Happy!”

My friends all think of me as  loyal and sarcastic.

Something that most people do not know about me is  I am an introvert.

If I were shipwrecked on Gilligan’s Island, my dream team of fellow castaways would be  those who know me the best. They can pull things from me that I never imagined I could accomplish.

My favorite way to unwind after a long day is  walking the dog, Sweetpea, and clearing my mind with a great book.

My guilty pleasure is  an ice-cold beer!

The best advice I have for entering the holiday season is  make your preparations early so you can actually enjoy the magic of the season!

My muse when creating a new dish is  my Mom. She was a scratch cook, farm-to-table way before it was trendy, and integrating flavors from the many places we traveled.

My advice for anyone who works in a kitchen is  to be prepared for anything, don’t take things personally and enjoy yourself!

A tool that I cannot do without is  a knife I received as a gift in 1993. It is definitely my “go to.”

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