Kenny Sloane Jr. – Executive Chef/Owner, Fin Restaurant

Point Blank

If I weren’t a professional chef, I would be  an architect.

Working in the restaurant industry has taught me  organization skills.

Something that most people don’t know about me is  I have four kids.

If I had one chance to change the world immediately, I would
eliminate poverty.

The best accomplishment in my life is  opening my second restaurant.

I hope that when people think of me, they think  what a great chef I am!

The secret to running a good kitchen is  teaching the skills needed to be successful.

Something that happened to me that made me who I am today is  I started washing dishes in a restaurant.

To me, cooking is  done from the soul.

The most delicious meal I’ve ever prepared included  foie gras and truffles.

A song that always makes me think of a good time is  “Shakedown Street.”

If I could eat only one thing for the rest of my life, it would be
Mac and Cheese!

Three things that are my idea of a perfect day off include  food, wine and friends.

The best advice someone ever gave me is:  “There is always a way.”

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