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The LEADwell team includes, left to right, Ron Clark, K. David Johnson, Amanda Ahl and Dr. Steven Ruggerio.

LEADwell LLC is a leadership coaching company based in Yorktown, empowering individuals to create positive growth and change by providing real solutions to real problems. LEADwell LLC is co-owned by Dr. Steven Ruggerio, David Johnson, Ron J. Clark, Amanda Ahl and Aaron Lee, a diverse team making a positive impact within the community. 

Johnson, the team’s creative voice, is passionate about helping others become leaders who feel empowered in the workplace and beyond. With more than 30 years of experience as a CPA, Johnson has worked with hundreds of businesses to help produce strong leaders. “What sets us apart when it comes to leadership coaching is our passion for connecting with people. We want to help people who wish to create a liberating culture through engagement, opportunity and empowerment,” Johnson says. 

Ruggerio, the team’s nurturing voice, works to implement strategic tools to help innovative minds understand the importance of self-awareness. With decades of coaching and leadership development and his doctorate in strategic leadership, Ruggerio remains committed to driving transformational change in individuals, teams and organizations. “Not only do we want to lead well, but we also believe that everyone deserves to be led well. It’s not just for the leaders, but also our audience who we want to inspire,” Ruggerio says. 

Clark, the team’s connector voice, helps to inspire and link community members, while also maintaining sales and various marketing strategies for the company. With 25 years of experience as a trainer and training manager within government and nonprofit arenas, Clark aims to move the community in a positive direction as it transitions into a virtual world. “We essentially want to help leaders create a culture where people desire to grow within,” Clark says. 

Ahl, the team’s guardian voice, remains ambitious about building elite teams that result in the growth of skills not only in one’s profession, but also in personal life. Having worked with Johnson in his CPA practice for more than 30 years, Ahl is enthusiastic about creating a positive impact beyond the workplace. “To be able to see the growth of personal confidence in struggling individuals who come to understand the power of believing in themselves and their own abilities is what truly makes me happy,” Ahl says. 

Lee, the team’s pioneer voice, uses his understanding of leadership to help the community and organizations thrive from within. As an associate certified coach with the International Coaching Federation (a nonprofit organization dedicated to professional coaching), Lee works to empower others through pragmatic change to succeed professionally and accomplish life-long goals. 

While launching their business in 2021 in the pandemic, the team began to use their resources and expertise in leadership to study and understand complex issues and provide simple solutions. This dedicated group continues to provide a pathway of clarity to their audience as they help create inspiring and powerful teams led by healthy, empowering individuals. 

When asked how they envision their business growing and changing over the next decade, Johnson says, “We believe in the power of story, so we often think of it as if we are inviting people into a better story. We see our company growing by continuing to maintain and strengthen our network of resources as a team to use to develop healthy relationships.” LEADwell LLC remains confident in its ability to reach a large audience while maintaining a high level of empowerment and engagement in an increasingly virtual world. 

Owners: David Johnson, Dr. Steven Ruggerio,  Ron J. Clark, Amanda Ahl and Aaron Lee
Phone: 757-873-1610
Website: leadwell.agency
Email: info@leadwell.agency

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