Lighthouse Direct Primary Care: The future of medicine

Dr. Tinsley and wife/RN/boss Mollie

Lighthouse Direct Primary Care (Lighthouse DPC) is a concierge service and is the first one on the Virginia Peninsula. We are a monthly payment plan service which does not bill insurance,” says Dr. James Tinsley, who is the Lighthouse Direct Primary Care’s owner and physician. Tinsley and his wife Mollie, a registered nurse, are the only people who work at the practice. “This is the future of medicine,” Tinsley says. “Patients can get an appointment with me the same day they call or the next day, and get a 30- to 60-minute visit.”

Lighthouse DPC is focused on personal care at the lowest possible cost for its patients. “We are really focused on spending time with our patients. Included in our membership is unlimited visits with no copays,” Tinsley says. “We can even do house calls for our patients.”

Tinsley explains his commitment to his patients. On a typical day, he will see 10 to 12 patients in his office, ensuring each patient gets his undivided attention and a relaxed visit. “Seeing a patient for a short amount of time, say 12 minutes for the typical doctor, is not what I am about. I want my patients to know that I care,” Tinsley says.

In fact, the physician explains that the most rewarding part about his job is getting to know patients and treating them like family. “Sometimes people are frightened when they come in. I need to think about what I would want if this was my sister, or my father and consider them family,” Tinsley says. Forming connections and visiting with patients is rewarding for him. “I like to leave time to talk with them about personal things, figure out something we have in common and establish a personal relationship,” Tinsley says.

Tinsley and his wife Mollie are committed to giving their patients the best care, any time of day and for a low price. “We will see patients in our office even if they do not have health insurance. We recommend that people do have it, but we will see and treat anyone,” the doctor emphasizes.

Tinsley can perform the same services as a family doctor. “Patients can come in for skin lesion removal, stitches, injections or even labs and medicine. We make sure that labs and medicine costs are as low as possible,” Tinsley says.

Tinsley laughs when asked what it is like working with his wife every day. “Well, I have to make sure to ask her to do things very nicely with ‘pretty please’! There are a lot of positives working with my wife, I really enjoy it,” Tinsley says lightheartedly.

When the Tinsleys are not working, they enjoy gardening, going for walks, fishing with their son and listening to their daughter learn to play music. The Tinsleys have always loved water and the beach, and the name ‘Lighthouse Direct Primary Care’ stemmed from this love.

The Tinsleys care for their patients, and the connections they form are what keep them motivated. “I love being a doctor, I’m happy. I want people, and even companies, to know that I can save them money and provide them great care,” Tinsley says. Lighthouse DPC considers this a patient-focused practice, and a money-conscious way of treatment is the future of medicine.

Lighthouse Direct Primary Care
Address: 703 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. B-4, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-586-3050
Contact: Dr. James Tinsley

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