Mike Polston, Senior Lead Tech, Art Newsome, Inc.

Point Blank

Mike with his wife Shannon and son Dylan

When someone first meets me, I hope they think I am  courteous and polite. 

I am most relaxed when  I’m fishing with my son.

Something I have learned since working in the HVAC industry is  that most customers are not expecting or ready for this machine to have a problem. Most of the time there isn’t much consideration about this machine we ask to work non-stop in the harshest of conditions, much like our vehicles! 

For the best tasting food in Newport News I go to  Chick-fil-A. That has been my birthday choice for dinner for the last seven years. 

A lesson I learned as a younger person that has helped me become the person I am today is  paying off your mortgage with a HELOC and paycheck parking. My wife and I paid off our home in about four years, and now we have the financial freedom to enjoy ourselves and family.

In my refrigerator I always have  ketchup and Frank’s buffalo sauce! 

A game I always enjoy playing is  Call of Duty – modern war.

 In my family I am the  funny  one.

I have a lot in common with  my twin brother.

The secret to happiness is  patience.

 My son and my wife  make my world go round!

If I had a theme song that played every time I entered a room it would be  “Have a Drink on Me” by AC/DC.

On a day off you can find me  likely working on a project at home.

I never leave home without  my keys! Lol.

My mother’s best advice to me was:  Actions have consequences. Take the time to consider the outcome before taking action.  

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