More questions that demand to be asked


Do airlines plan in advance that the person who will sit in front of you will wish to recline his seat as far back as possible, the person next to you will be smelly and morbidly obese and the seat behind you will be occupied by a baby crying throughout the flight?

If your doctor prescribes a pill to help your memory, what if you forget to take it?

Why is it that you think you are so smart because you can get every answer right while watching Jeopardy and realize afterwards that you continually forgot to put each answer in the form of a question?

Shouldn’t there be a day when cell phones are not permitted to be used?

Come to think of it, wouldn’t it be better if we could go much longer without using our cell phones?

Can you think of someone who claims to have hundreds of Facebook friends yet doesn’t know the next-door neighbor?

Wouldn’t life be easier if every one of us was required to wear name tags all the time?

Wouldn’t it be nice if those name tags had computer chips that automatically say where you know this person from?

Why does the United States Postal Service issue more stamps with images of cartoon characters than with actual American heroes?

Do you remember when “sleeping like a baby” meant something nice and now, as you are older, it means waking up every two hours needing to use the bathroom and being cranky?

Do you need to get your watch fixed when your partner says they will be ready in five minutes and it is like thirty minutes on your watch?

Why can’t a balanced meal consist of beef jerky, Milk Duds, Froot (AKA fruit) Loops and candy corn?

If wisdom comes with age, if after all these years you are not wise, are you still considered young?

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Stan Glasofer passed away in October 2020. He left us with several columns we are proud to share with our readers.