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Those of us who love to read are captivated by a good story, whether it’s a mystery, science fiction or just a sweet love story. I have just enjoyed two good stories I am happy to recommend.

Reading The Sweet Spot by Amy Poeppel was like a roller coaster with a twister thrown in. So many characters and plots jumbled together and impacting each other through love, hate and frustration. Three women are tied together by different men and end up with a baby left in their care. As this hilarious novel plays out, you’ll cheer for the villains and want to kick the heroines. Poeppel is at her best in this light-hearted book I couldn’t stop reading. Since the baby goes back home with his parents, you have to hope for a sequel based on Horatio’s future.

Ann Patchett has always been one of my favorite authors, going back to reading Bel Canto years ago. Tom Lake brings a mother and her daughters together in their cherry orchard in Michigan. Even with their fragile relationships, the daughters are hopeful their mother will at long last tell them about her romance with a once famous actor. The past becomes a bigger part of their lives than they anticipated and yet the story of the famous actor loses some of its enchantment when they all realize the moments of their lives have been bigger than that one story.

Quiet moments with a good book…you can’t beat it. Nothing nourishes the soul like reading a good book.

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Sharyn Fox is an associate in the municipal engineering department of AH Environmental. She is a recipient for the 2022 Virginia Center for Inclusive Communities Humanitarian Award. An avid reader, Sharyn loves sharing reviews of her favorite books.