Movement & Mobility, LLC: Fitness guru helps clients move better and more effectively

Kristen Trawitzki (Photo by Kelli Caplan)

Kristen Trawitzki has the instincts of a detective. But her fact-finding missions do not focus on criminals. Instead, she uses her abilities to help athletes and fitness lovers.

Trawitzki owns Movement & Mobility LLC, an Oyster Point business that works with lovers of all things physical to feel better, work out more efficiently and determine what is holding them back from being the best they can be. She is a personal trainer, coach, detective and cheerleader, all rolled into one person who simply adores what she does every day.

“It’s just so much fun,” she says. “I’m not bored yet. It’s just my passion. You have to live that.”

Her love of fitness was kindled when she took a step aerobics class at Bally’s gym when she was in high school in 1991. Ever since, she has been hooked. Most anyone who has a passion for fitness on the Virginia Peninsula has heard of Trawitzki.

Before opening Movement & Mobility, Trawitzki, 47, ran Flat-Out Fit, a sister company of Flat-Out Events. When that closed, she decided to open her own business. Movement and Mobility is located in a space inside Pediatrics at Oyster Point on City Center Boulevard. Trawitzki has between 50 and 60 personal training clients. She also teaches group classes each week. She is so popular that her schedule is booked months in advance. Her youngest clients, she says, are high school athletes and her oldest is a 91-year-old “firecracker who can plank like no one’s business,” says Trawitzki. Some of her clients come from as far away as Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Northern Virginia.

When someone comes to see Trawitzki with a problem or a goal, her detective skills engage. She watches the client exercise and move, and then asks questions, looking at possible causes and solutions. She is thorough and confident in her abilities to get to the root cause of an issue plaguing a client.

“I watch. I say ‘let me see you move’ so I can see what’s going on,” she says. “I look for the cause. I try to put all the puzzle pieces together. If there’s one missing, I try to fill in the gap. I find that piece. I love that process. You just have to follow the cues. Our bodies are so smart, they gives us those cues.”

Trawitzki is nationally certified in a plethora of different areas relating to fitness and wellness. Her office has a patient table and many different tools, such as cupping devices, muscle flossers and rollers. She is a huge proponent of physical therapy and knows as much as possible about how the body moves. She enjoys finding ways for people to move better and more effectively.

“Not one size fits all,” she says. “My clients have to be coachable. I am always trying to get results. I make you work within the guidelines of biomechanics. Sometimes you just need to look.”

Trawitzki initially thought she wanted to be a police officer. She did a ride along with a Newport News Police officer. Ultimately, she decided law enforcement wasn’t for her. However, she married the officer, Mark Trawitzki, who took her on the ride. She jokes they both have detective hunches; they just use them in different ways.

Trawitzki looks the part of the fitness guru. But she has had her own health struggles. About 20 years ago, she felt horrible. Her stomach hurt. Her lymph nodes were swollen. Eventually, she began coughing up blood. She went to doctor after doctor for two years, without getting satisfactory answers. Finally, after a chest X-ray, she was diagnosed with stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Being in great physical shape, she fought hard against the disease and won. She is now cancer free.

She had several physical side effects that lingered after the cancer battle. When Trawitzki went to a fitness convention after her treatments, she met a man who had a line of products targeted at the body’s trigger points.

“I walked out of there a changed person,” she says.

From there, she decided to educate herself as much as possible about the techniques and products that were available. She still schools herself constantly, racking up certification after certification. Her ultimate goal: to bring knowledge and expertise to her clients.

And she is doing just that.

Trawitzki’s days are full. When she isn’t working, she’s usually thinking about ways to help clients and provide them the encouragement or challenge they may need.

“I don’t sleep much,” she says. “My brain does not stop. I’m always thinking about the next day.”

Movement & Mobility, LLC
Address: 895 City Center Blvd. #200, Newport News, VA 23606
Owner: Kristin Trawitzki
Phone: 757-532-2148
Business: Personal training, group fitness classes

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