Newport News Public Schools – Update December 2021

Dual-language immersion grant prepares world citizens

The U. S. Department of Defense Education Activity recently awarded a World Language Advancement and Readiness grant valued at $1.6 million to Newport News Public Schools.

The grant will add two schools to the existing program and will begin with dual language immersion in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes. After the first year, the schools will add a grade level each year until students from all 12 grades participate by 2034.

Enrollment will aim to include military-connected students at each grade level.

There will be two dual-language immersion classes at each grade level. One class will begin each day learning content with a Spanish teacher and one class with an English-speaking teacher. In the afternoon, the students learning in English will move to the Spanish classroom and vice versa.

Newport News has a large population of native Spanish speakers, and approximately 10 percent of the school system’s enrollment are military-connected.

Palmer Elementary School receives $5,000 donation from new Burlington Store

Students at Palmer Elementary School in Newport News received a big “back-to-school” boost from Burlington Stores, the national discount retailer. Burlington donated $5,000 toward school supplies in celebration of its new store at 12132 Jefferson Avenue. The donation was made through its partnership with the national non-profit organization,, which contacted school administrators and helped secure the donation for Palmer.

Dr. Melody Camm, the school’s principal, said teachers will use the funds for new classroom books and teaching supplies.

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