Oyster Pointer wins IFPA awards

The Oyster Pointer recently received four awards during the 2017 Independent Free Papers of America (IFPA) annual competition held in Jersey City, New Jersey. IFPA is a nonprofit international trade association representing 142 free circulation publishers throughout the United States and Canada.

According to Douglas Fry, executive director of IFPA, there were 849 entries in this year’s contest. Judges for the contest were from the communications departments of Middle Tennessee State University and Columbia State Community College.

A first-place honor was awarded for local business coverage of the Port Warwick Art & Sculpture Festival, the cover story that appeared in the September 2016 issue. According to the judges, “The Oyster Pointer is brimming with local business coverage. This publication stands head and shoulders above its competition in this category. This publication is as much a part of the community as its paved streets.” Cathy Welch, staff writer and photographer, provided the story and photography.

A first-place honor was awarded for a single advertisement-large space, recognizing Sentara Heart. Judges felt the irregular spacing of the headline perfectly matched the message for the ad. The ad was provided by Kelly Fischer of Sway Creative Labs.

A first-place award was presented for a self-promotion ad about the Oyster Pointer. Judges said that this series of ads in the self-promotion category is simple to read and understand but has a depth of meaning, showing why the Oyster Pointer is so successful and why readers can’t wait to read each issue. Sara and Stewart Sanders, of SHS Design, the graphics design firm of the Oyster Pointer, designed the ad.

A second-place award was presented for a single advertisement-small space, recognizing Hauser’s Jewelers. Judges said the beautiful photography and white space made this ad shine.

“We are delighted to have been recognized by such a prestigious association,” says Sylvia Weinstein, publisher. “We feel this is a great compliment to the paper.”

The Oyster Pointer has been covering businesses in and around Oyster Point for 30 years. It strives to cover the wide array of well-known and not so well known businesses in and around the Oyster Point area and its surrounding cities. It also works to include columnists covering a multitude of subjects, such as business practices and health matters.

Weinstein credits the success of the paper to her outstanding team, which includes Sara and Stewart Sanders, responsible for graphics, layout and design; Brian DePrinzio, Oyster Pointer’s business manager; and the many talented writers, columnists and photographers.

“The Oyster Pointer is only as strong as the advertisers who support it and to them we express our sincere thanks,” Weinstein says. “We are proud to be the paper that people in the Oyster Point area look to for good news. We have tried to grow with the area and incorporate many different businesses and subjects on our pages.”

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