Pariser Dermatology Specialists: Much more than skin deep

Kelly DeHart, D.O. (left) and Kevin DeHart, D.O., identical twins, are part of the Pariser Dermatology Specialists team that continues a legacy of excellence established in 1946. (Photo by Karen Eure Wilson)

If you are seeing double at Pariser Dermatology Specialists, it’s not the eye doctor but the skin doctor you want to see. Kevin DeHart, D.O. (Dr. Kevin) and Kelly DeHart, D.O. (Dr. Kelly) are identical twin brothers and general dermatologists. 

They are part of the more than 100 professionals working within the six different offices of one of “the largest independent dermatology practices in the country,” according to the practice’s website. Founded in 1946 by Dr. Harry Pariser, his sons, David Pariser, M.D. and Robert Pariser, M.D., are now at the helm of this Hampton Roads hallmark that has served multiple generations through its extensive services. 

Says Dr. Kevin, “We are a practice serving the community’s needs. With multiple offices, (Chesapeake, Newport News, Norfolk, Suffolk, Virginia Beach and Williamsburg), we have multiple providers and all services available in dermatology. Our practice is all encompassing. We have cosmetics, general dermatology, Mohs surgery, dermatic pathology, aesthetician services and more—it’s a one-stop shop. We also have in our Norfolk office the Virginia Clinical Research, which does research projects to help get drugs approved through the FDA. We can have 60 studies running simultaneously on any given day.” 

Says Dr. Kelly, “We have something new for hair loss—PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma. We draw blood from the patient’s arm, spin it down with a centrifuge and pull out the plasma, which is a portion of the blood. Then, we put it in a needle and inject it back into the patient’s scalp. We do that over several treatments because it has the ability to promote hair growth. 

“We are also doing things like ‘vampire facials,’ where we pull blood out and do microneedling, which puts tiny holes in people’s faces with a little blade, and we put the plasma on their face and it looks like they’re a vampire. PRP promotes collagen production and hair production for the scalp. These are newer technologies that we’re working with in several of our offices.” 

Another effective and somewhat new offering is Photo Dynamic Therapy, PDT. Dr. Kevin says one of his favorite focuses is helping patients who have sun damage, especially on balding scalps and facial skin. 

“With PDT we paint a little chemical on the skin, let it incubate for about an hour and then we shine a special light on it and it activates the chemical that burns the sun damage away. It’s very effective and it may give some patients the secondary benefit of improving the aging process,” says Dr. Kevin. 

Both brothers are excited about the prognosis of psoriasis. “There are new drugs almost every week for psoriasis,” Dr. Kevin says, “and we’re almost curing it, which is a big deal because millions of people suffer from psoriasis.” 

Both DeHarts enjoy the continued emergence of new therapies and regimens, and they are committed to helping patients have the best experience possible. Neither doctor wears the traditional white coat to help combat the “white coat syndrome” that many patients have, especially children.

Says Dr. Kelly, “I’ve worked here 11 years and many of my patients are return patients so I see dad, mom and the kids. We see the entire family and we see all age groups.”

Physician Assistant Melissa Alcox has worked with the DeHart brothers since they all joined the practice around the same time. “We have been through many changes, including new offices, expansions, new providers, retirements, weddings, babies—you name it!” Alcox says with a smile. 

Both brothers, Alcox and the rest of the team enjoy their work, not only in the office but also in the community. Throughout the year, Pariser Dermatology participates in melanoma awareness and offers other services and information addressing conditions that affect skin, hair and nails. Oftentimes, they support and participate in area corporate employee events, providing information on melanoma awareness, skin cancer and skin protection.

“Kevin and I actually do something special. We do skin checks at the White Tail Resort, a nudist colony in Ivor, VA. It’s a family community and we do skin checks twice a year,” says Dr. Kelly. “The residents like the sun; that’s their lifestyle. It’s kind of the opposite of what we do because we’re out there covered up with our hats on. We do encourage them to maybe put on a hat.” 

The DeHart brothers appreciate their unique opportunity and thoroughly enjoy working with the Pariser brothers and the other members within the Pariser ranks. 

“Under the initial guidance of Dr. Harry Pariser and his sons carrying on his legacy, this has really paved the way for all of us,” Alcox says. “We literally work with and for famous people in dermatology. Not many people can say they work for a former American Academy of Dermatology president and a former head of the International Hyperhidrosis Society, (Dr David Pariser). And then, spice it up with twin dermatologists who look the same—sometimes it can be pretty hilarious; we should have our own reality show!” Alcox says with a chuckle. 

From a shared womb to a shared workspace, the twins continue to live life to the fullest. It is evident that much of the joy they radiate comes from their Pariser experience. “Pariser is amazing—great administration, great staff and great colleagues—you can’t beat a practice like this,” Dr. Kevin says with a smile. The practice’s online Google reviews seem to agree.  

Pariser Dermatology Specialists
Address: 11842 Rock Landing Dr., Ste. 120, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Laurie Grant, marketing manager 
Phone: 757-622-6315

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