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Dr. Heath Cash, owner of Peninsula Family Dentistry

Dr. Heath Cash has been practicing dentistry on the Peninsula for more than 17 years, and in April of 2018, he opened Peninsula Family Dentistry in Newport News. “I am originally from Richmond, and I met my wife, Betsy, while in dental school. Betsy is also a local dentist and a native to Newport News. After graduation, I began working at a practice in Yorktown and remained there for about 12 years before opening my own practice in Newport News,” says Dr. Cash. “Peninsula Family Dentistry sees both children and adults, and we perform a range of procedures, such as tooth whitening, crown and bridge work, fillings, Invisalign, fabrication of bite guards and retainers, removable dentures and restoration of dental implants.”

Cash has a deep-rooted passion for the field that even extends to his family background, helping him to stay motivated to come into work every day to pursue his passion. “I was exposed to dentistry at a very early age. My grandfather, father, sister and cousin were all dentists before me. Dentistry is a fun combination of both science and artistry. I really enjoy dentistry because it offers me the ability to correct problems and improve people’s lives,” Cash says. “I love being an independent business owner because I am able to recommend what I feel are the best options for my patients ,and I don’t feel pressure to make decisions that are financially based.”

Remaining a small business is not only a crucial part of Peninsula Family Dentistry’s identity but has personal meaning for Cash and the eight employees at his practice, as well. “In a world where large corporations and automation are increasing and customer service seems to be less important, it is our goal to offer something different. Good communication and building a rapport with our patients are a priority of our practice. We do our best to get to know our patients, what they are looking for and explain our findings, if any, along with available treatment options,” Cash passionately says. “We are seeing outside corporations begin to take over dental practices in our area. We are not owned or run by an outside corporation but rather by the owner-dentists within the group. We feel that this positions us well to focus on our patients’ needs.”

There is no typical day in the field, and every day in the office is different for Cash and his team, keeping them on their toes. Yet their teamwork is a constant rock they can always rely on. “We are a very close office because there are so few of us, and we rely on each other to keep things in sync. Most of our staff have worked together for many years and several have been with me for more than 15 years. Each team member knows his or her job and performs it well,” Cash says. “I am truly blessed to work with an amazing team, and I value each of them.”

While Cash has a great relationship with his team, he also works hard to connect with his patients. “It has been very rewarding to build long-term relationships with my patients over the years. I even have a few patients who I have seen as children now coming into adulthood, beginning their own careers and some starting families of their own,” he reflects. “I really enjoy helping people improve their oral health. I enjoy connecting with my patients.”

The final piece of the puzzle? Cash makes sure to work on his practice’s relationship with the community, as well. “I enjoy being part of the community and helping to educate and improve oral health. A number of my staff and I have participated in various community service projects over the years. Some projects have involved speaking at schools, donating supplies and dental mission trips,” Cash says. “Unfortunately, the Covid outbreak postponed many prominent mission trips but I am happy to say that a number of these programs have recently resumed, and we look forward to serving our community again.”

Cash is passionate about his job, the Peninsula Family Dentistry team and the local community, but when he’s not working, he has another passion. “More than anything, I absolutely love spending time with my family. I have an amazing wife and three incredible children. I love to travel and attend my kids’ sporting events. Skiing, boating, hiking and tennis are also some of my favorite activities,” Cash says. 

The dedicated team at Peninsula Family Dentistry are ready to help current and new clients in any way it can with their oral health needs. 

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