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Point Blank

Phillip Saunders

The best way to make money is  by letting your money work for you, by saving into three forms of accounts: tax-deferred, tax-free and taxable.

To me, financial security means  having enough to enjoy life without financial concerns.

Common mistakes people make when investing their money are  fear of losing money (so they sell early) and greed (so they buy after the markets have already risen.) A good book on these tendencies is The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel.

My favorite fall outdoor activity is  hunting at dawn and trout fly-fishing by day, followed closely by ACC football games.

My college alma mater is  Virginia Tech! Go Hokies!

What really makes me laugh is  watching anything starring Chris Pratt.

My favorite time of the day is  7:25 a.m. because my coffee helps me start off the day just right.

My favorite restaurant on the Peninsula is  Harpoon Larry’s for a great atmosphere and delicious food.

My goal for this year is  to learn how to cook more than rice and chicken (my foolproof meal).

My three heroes are  C.S. Lewis, Francis Chan and Michael Jordan.

Something I could not live without is  the Mint Mobile budgeting app.

A cause of which I am in passionate support is  Feeding America.

The advice I would give to my 18-year-old self would be  to serve others and to focus less on yourself.

my favorite Halloween costume was  a cowboy — every year — but it had to go with the red western gloves with tassels down the sides.

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