Pointe Wellness Center: Working toward a holistic self

Alice McAdory, e-RYT-500 and administrative support, leads a Gentle Yoga class.

Pointe Wellness Center is based on the premise that focusing on the whole person — mind, body and spirit — is how true wellness is achieved. Our services align with this belief, and it is our mission to provide a space where clients can meet their full wellness needs under one roof,” says Haley Hanlon, co-owner and yoga instructor. “We are unique in combining functional medicine and mental health counseling with our other services. Those services include acupuncture, NeurOptimal Neurofeedback Brain Training, nutrition services, yoga and group classes, massage, reiki, cranio-
sacral therapy, far infrared sauna, spiritual coaching and personal training.” 

Vicki Lanier, LPC, left, and Haley Hanlon,
RYT-200, co-owners of Pointe Wellness Center

Pointe Wellness Center opened in January 2019, and its team of 16 has been helping clients work on their best selves ever since. Clients can choose the services, frequency and length of membership or they can pre-pay for services and use them as they please. 

“The inspiration for the center came from talking about life issues as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and I felt that there were many other ways to improve wellness, but I couldn’t seem to motivate many of my clients to take advantage of other supportive ways toward healing,” says Vicki Lanier, co-owner and LPC. “When Haley and I met, we gradually became aware that our mission would be to offer these combined services together, and that was the beginning of today’s Pointe Wellness Center.”

Both Lanier and Hanlon express passion for and offer successful careers in health services. Hanlon, with a master’s degree in human resources, is a 200-hour yoga instructor who completed the Leadership Program in Health and Well-Being at Duke University. Lanier has been a practicing LPC for more than 20 years. She trained for many years with the BodySoul Rhythms Team in Canada and completed its Leadership Training Program. The duo started their business in Hilton and moved in December 2022 to larger offices in Port Warwick. 

“Our center is for anyone who wants or needs to focus on wellness. This can be someone who just wants to live a full life or someone dealing with a crisis of mind, body and/or spirit,” Lanier says. “We have clients who come healthy and others who are very ill, clients who are happy and fulfilled and others who need help finding their center again. We also see clients who are just tired of the ‘Band-Aids’ put on their symptoms and are looking for answers and a more holistic approach to healing. We believe that everyone can benefit from something we offer, regardless of their position in life.”

When asked about their favorite part of their jobs, Hanlon says, “I get the privilege of doing our Wellness Navigator sessions. These sessions are for the client who doesn’t know where to start or isn’t sure how we can help. We talk about the client’s wellness and goals and work within barriers to create a plan. It’s by far most rewarding to see where someone is starting, be able to help and see the change in the process.”

Lanier had a similar response. “My primary focus here is providing services as a mental health counselor while I also support our other services in casual and sometimes specific ways,” Lanier says. “During the counseling sessions, the client’s needs are primary, yet I can also introduce additional ways to support growth and healing.” 

While Hanlon and Lanier stay busy with work, they still try to find time for their own self-care. “Free time is hard to come by between the business and my three active kids,” Hanlon says. “We also just got a new puppy, a mini Australian Shepherd, and he keeps us busy as well. I love to travel when we can, even if it’s just a long weekend. I love to find ways to be creative whether sewing, crafting or decorating a cake. And of course, I love to do yoga.”

“I’m loving that some of our grandchildren live nearby after living in Australia for a few years,” says Lanier. “Being able to attend some of their sporting and school events is truly ‘icing on the cake’ for me at this stage of life. Also, I have more flexibility to travel to the mountains where our daughter and family live.”

The team led by Hanlon and Lanier at Pointe Wellness Center welcomes everyone. “As we are the only center locally offering this combination of services, we are excited to let others know we can individually or collectively be supportive,” Lanier says. “Many people don’t have a concept of the ‘whole person wellness’ that we offer, and we want to share the news.” 

Pointe Wellness Center
Address: 1030 Loftis Blvd., Ste. 101, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-596-7938
Website: pointewellness.com

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