Promise Law: Putting positivity into state planning

Geneva N. Perry, Esq., in her office at Promise Law. (Photo by Anna Dorl)

I thought about aging and these tough topics for a really long time,” says Geneva N. Perry, Esq. “And so, even though they’re challenging, I’ve always had kind of a positive, forward-looking bent, and my experience was that clients could, too.”

As an attorney and founder of Promise Law, Perry’s firm speaks for itself. In 2007, her private practice work began after her graduation from The College of William & Mary School of Law and her work as a circuit clerk. The optimistic culmination of her career so far, Promise Law was founded by Perry in 2014.

Promise Law’s main areas of focus are estate planning, probate and trust administration. The journey to the firm’s existence today began “when [Perry] was a girl” during high school, when she worked in home health and hospice. Since then, her career experience developed further as her work expanded into several different industries, including higher education, where she worked within a variety of student-centric areas.

When she set out to build her own firm, Perry says, “I just wanted to have a more positive and proactive approach.” Promise Law offers a unique emphasis on infusing a sense of fun into the intricacy of estate planning. Perry accomplishes this by bringing levity to the situations at hand and to ensure clients receive proper education on the legal processes they need to go through. She speaks about addressing these serious topics “with some spirit of being the hero in their own story, in their family, taking positive and affirmative steps forward to decide what their narrative will be.”

The firm also makes it a point to plant a growing sense of understanding in clients as they delve deeper into the complex world of law. “You learn a lot about planning when you help people untangle when there wasn’t a plan,” says Perry. “It’s always been a loss they start to process. You really can think about how it is to live with these documents and use them as the tools they’re intended to be.”

Another aspect of this essential client education is Promise Law’s workshops, held in person roughly each month (or around nine to ten times a year). Perry says these are “an important way to introduce the concepts people will need to understand and factors in life that may influence you.” Through these courses, clients come away with a better understanding of legal terminology and certain complexities that may pop up during these legal processes.

Michael Davis joined the practice in of September 2023. Beyond its lawyers, the firm is comprised of a small but powerful team that also includes paralegals and office staff.

Perry loves “helping people understand their options and the sense of calm and relief you can kind of watch, sometimes in the course of one meeting, but over several,” she says. “I’ll often get to the end of a meeting, and someone says, ‘Oh, you made it so easy, this wasn’t as hard as I thought,’ but it’s been this big, scary thing. And then, we just kind of break it down into its component parts, starting with the education piece and then gradually peel the layers back and shepherd them through the process.” This mindfully educative approach, with an air of optimism, serves as the foundation of Promise Law. “I’ve had people who are reluctant and are cheerleaders for the process by the end of it.”

Beyond her professional life, Perry loves waking up by 5 a.m., enjoying the silence and seeing stars in the sky. “If I have a walk, a good meal, I don’t need too much more,” she says with a smile.

Promise Law
Address: 600 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 350, Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Geneva N. Perry, Esq.
Phone: 757-690-2470

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