Questions we need to ask


Sometimes we are just asking the wrong questions. Here are some that demand answers:

The most frequent names of roads in America are Main Street and Frontage Road. Why don’t any schools teach our children who Frontage and Main were and why they were so important?

The backs of many dump trucks have a sign that says, “DO NOT PUSH,” like there is someone out there who is thinking, “There’s a dump truck and I want to push it!” Really?

Honor codes usually include statements like “I have neither given nor received help.” If someone were to cheat on a test, how would that person respond?

If you are in a restaurant restroom with an employee, would you report them for not sufficiently washing their hands? (Would you eat there again?)

A politician says, “To be completely honest with you…” Do you automatically just shrug?

You go to a store that advertises everything for a dollar. Do you ever want to ask, “How much for this?”

You see a car with a bumper sticker for a candidate who lost four or eight years ago. Do you ever want to say to the driver, “Get over it”?

What happens when people who call Uber for a ride home from a bar and forget where they live?

Imagine if tattoo parlors had a sign that said, “Have you thought about how this might look when you are in a senior citizen home?” Would a lot of people decide against getting tattoos?

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend and a dog is a man’s best friend. Can we please have a recount?

Your child asks you where he came from. Do you hope that he is talking about the city and state?

The stock market reached a new high and people cheer. How many of those people actually sold their stock then?

She says to you, “We need to talk.” Is there ever anything good that will come out next?

Your new expensive GPS tells you to go one way. You think there is a better route to go. If you are right, who would you tell?

Do you ever wish there was an option on a ballot that said, “None of the above?”

She asks you, “Which of these outfits makes me look fatter?” Is there any answer you can reasonably give?

The person seated next to you in the waiting room offers his opinion about politics. Is it better to just move to another seat or to pretend you are deaf?

Your auto mechanic says, “I don’t like the looks of this.” Can you tell him just to fix it without looking?

You have a problem with your computer, specifically with your Internet, and you call for technical help, there is a recording that always says, “You can always reach us on our website.” They are kidding, right?

Many parking lots have spaces near the stores marked “For Expectant Mothers.” Shouldn’t expectant fathers file a class action suit for gender discrimination?

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Stan Glasofer passed away in October 2020. He left us with several columns we are proud to share with our readers.

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