Rebecca “Becky” Cutchins – Media Relations Manager, Newport News Tourism

Point Blank

The best kept secret in Newport News is:  No secrets in Tourism— but do you know about our four historic homes, the barnyard and aviary at Peninsula SPCA, the Ella Fitzgerald Theater at Downing-Gross and Peninsula Community Theatre in Hilton Village?

Whenever people ask me for something to do in Newport News,  for indoor activities, I suggest museum-hopping with our “One City Pass,” which gives them admission to seven attractions for one low price. If it’s beautiful out, I’ll suggest Newport News Park, the Noland Trail or any of the other 30+ parks in the city. Also, the Art & Sculpture Driving Tour, showcasing Newport News public art.

Something that most people don’t know about me is  my grandfather was a Buddhist priest, so my mother grew up in a Buddhist temple in Japan.

My favorite places to lunch in Oyster Point are  at Hayashi for its bento boxes; at Al Fresco for the linguini with clams; at Burger Theory for triple bourbon burgers; at The Cove for she-crab soup; and at Taste, for its sandwiches and treats…to name a few!

When I think about the coming spring, I get most excited about  the cherry blossom trees in bloom along Canon Boulevard.

The best advice ever given to me was  “Always assume positive intent.”

Three things about me that I hope people remember are  I am real, I am present and I truly care.

I am most relaxed when  I’m at home with my husband and daughters, knowing everyone is safe.

The favorite part of my daily routine is  cuddling with my cat, Cami, at the end of a long day.

I am happiest when I’m  lying on a beach with my friends and family, when the radio is on, the sun is hot and the drinks are cold.

If I found a four-leafed clover, I’d wish for  an unlimited number of wishes, including world peace, loving homes for all neglected animals, an end to homelessness, and a “happily ever after” for everyone on the planet.

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