Reynolds Mechanical Service: Father and son treating customers like family

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Father and son team Scott (right) and Cam Reynolds on the job.

Reynolds Mechanical Service (RMS) began servicing the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning needs of Hampton Roads residents and businesses in 1997. Scott Reynolds, the company’s founder, is still CEO, though most of the day-to-day operations are handled by Scott’s son, Cam Reynolds. 

Scott grew up in Newport News. He got started in HVAC through his uncle. He worked his way into a position where, according to Cam, “he was actually managing the whole company.” Eventually, Scott used the knowledge he had gathered to start his own company. “The reason why he wanted to start the company was freedom. He’s a very self-driven person,” says Cam. 

Cam Reynolds, ever since he can remember, was helping out (or, as he says, “hanging out”) at work with his dad. As soon as he was old enough to work, he began doing so with RMS in an official capacity. By 18, he was a technician. Ever since (he’s now 24), he has continued to learn from his father. In fact, even though he is capable of operating the business on his own, Cam still makes use of his father’s expertise. “He has worked his tail off his whole life, but he’s still there when I need him,” says Cam, elaborating that, “I’m at a point where I can do everything, but I still go to him when I need help.”

“This is definitely a father-son business,” says Cam. “We don’t really worry about titles. I call him dad and he calls me Cam.”

RMS focuses mainly on commercial jobs and is able to compete with some of the larger outfits in the area by focusing on customer service. The company has even refused jobs that were thought to draw too much of its resources away from existing clients. Early in RMS’ history, the company had grown to include a fleet of eight trucks and more than a dozen crew members, and Cam speaks with pride about the lengths to which his father would go to keep it all running smoothly. Even in lean times, as are common in many industries, Scott was always willing to make sacrifices to keep his crews working. “His character has kept this company around,” says Cam. 

To avoid a pattern of unsustainable growth, specifically the kind of growth that leads large companies to fail to uphold their standards of service, Scott Reynolds streamlined the company to a point where it can operate smoothly to care for its existing customers. Now, the company consists of only Scott and Cam. 

Though the only permanent employees, RMS is proudly participating in a program called Skill Bridge, wherein former military members are given opportunities to learn trades as they exit their respective branches of service. “We love the military and we want to get them onto our team,” says Cam, who cares greatly about this issue after witnessing a friend experiencing a difficult transition to civilian life.

The Hampton Roads area is not short on competition in the HVAC field, but that isn’t a worry for RMS. “It doesn’t matter how many HVAC companies there are. There’s always going to be work out there,” says Cam. “There’s such a high demand that it’s a very good thing to have competition.” 

Two things, primarily, set RMS apart from the competition in the area. First, the Reynolds’ dedication to quality service above unbridled growth has helped RMS to keep a loyal customer base. Also, its services are affordable. RMS charges a flat hourly rate, which saves customers money on diagnostic fees that are common with other companies. 

When he’s not working, Cam enjoys the popular pastimes of gaming and airsoft, which is a live action combat activity involving guns that fire lightweight plastic pellets. Both father and son like camping and hiking, two passions in which they can indulge during the slow season for HVAC service. “When everyone turns their air conditioning and heat off,” says Cam, “that’s my down time.” 

Reynolds Mechanical Service
Address: 591 Blount Point Rd., Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-310-4362
Contact: Cam Reynolds, lead technician

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