Riddle & Hanna, PLC: “They’re with us for life”

Jeff Riddle, Barbara Hanna and Trevor Anderson

Once [clients are] with us, they’re with us for life, with all the legal problems they may have,” says Jeffrey Riddle, one of three attorneys at law from Riddle & Hanna, PLC. “We hope they won’t have a lot, but if they do, they’ll come to us.”

Striving to remain trusted by the Hampton Roads community, Riddle & Hanna exudes the professionalism and energy of a larger law firm in the familial environment of a small business. Its centrally located office extends a hand to clients on the Virginia Peninsula, as well as those on the Southside.

“We are a small firm, but we’re able to help our clients from cradle to grave,” says Barbara Hanna, another of Riddle & Hanna’s partners. “Experiences that might happen early on in life — getting married, wanting to buy a house, having to write a will… Our goal is to be able to help clients all the way through their life… to be a one-stop shop.” Hanna attributes the success of this vision to Riddle & Hanna’s wide breadth of services and ability to keep costs affordable for clients.

Riddle & Hanna offers legal services in various different areas to serve its clients, including criminal defense, personal injury, estate planning and litigation. Riddle engages in transactional and litigation law most often, which covers wills and estates, businesses and real estate. His past experiences, including his Army service and his work in real estate, make him a jack-of-all-trades in his practice.

“When you hire an attorney at Riddle & Hanna, you are not hiring  just one lawyer,” says Trevor Anderson, an associate with the firm. “You’re hiring a team of people to assist you. You get this whole team on board. We make sure we’re staffed to handle whatever the individual needs.”

The eclectic backgrounds of each attorney on the team create an atmosphere of understanding for as many clients as possible, providing them real-world knowledge alongside legal advice.

Anderson finds criminal law to be the most rewarding due to the immediate result he sees after he helps someone. During his time in law school, he worked with victims of domestic violence while clerking, seeing “sobering” cases of women with children who had suffered physical abuse. This led him to work for the Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project, where he continued to shed light on criminal cases. He continues to bring happiness to children, as he coaches his young son’s baseball team in his spare time.

After spending 25 years in military service, Hanna now remains in the Reserves while she practices primarily family law and immigration law. Her background helps her better understand her clients in Hampton Roads due to the community’s heavy military presence. “In family law especially, it plays a big role, and it’s beneficial to my clients that I have that experience,” she says. Her passion for maintaining a positive family atmosphere extends into her personal life, as she enjoys vacationing and hiking with her five children.

Not everyone can say that they truly enjoy the company of their coworkers, but at Riddle & Hanna, the team operates like a family. “One of the best things about our office is that we all genuinely get along,” Hanna says. “We spend a lot of time together. It’s a stressful job. You really need to be able to count on and trust the people you’re around, and I feel like we’ve done a really good job [of that].”

Creating and maintaining that close-knit companionship between coworkers and clients was one of the ultimate goals of the firm. As they transitioned from a previous office into what became Riddle & Hanna, the team built this feeling into their company’s foundation by painting the walls of their offices together.

“It took a lot of physical labor to get this office off the ground,” Anderson says. “You usually come into a job, and it’s there, and you go to your desk, but we had to do a lot of stringing wires ourselves, and connecting phones and computers… that helped us to build camaraderie.”

Whatever a client’s needs may be, Riddle & Hanna’s goal is to offer legal assistance in any way it can. This team makes good on their promise to be a client’s “One Firm, For Life.”

Riddle & Hanna, PLC
Address: 601 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 200, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-586-5380
Contact: Trevor Anderson
Website: www.rhvalaw.com

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