Salontourage: More than just a blowout

Trish Rone, owner and stylist of Salontourage, in the main area of her boutique hair and nail salon. (Photo by Noelle Riddle)

I always knew that I wanted to do hair; it was never a question,” says Salontourage owner and stylist Trish Rone. “I started my career after high school and have worked in Oyster Point my entire career.”

Salontourage is in its sixth year as a locally owned and operated boutique hair and nail salon, specializing in services such as Brazilian blowouts, haircuts, coloring, styling, facial waxing, nails and even wigs and extensions. The salon prides itself on staying current on new products as well, with a wide variety allowing customers to have a unique pampering and learning experience.

Despite wearing high heels to work every day, Rone says she and the other stylists laugh from the time they get there until the time they leave. Their different personalities create a unique family, where everyone can be himself or herself but be fully committed to each other as a team. The boutique salon allows for each stylist to have his or her own identity and unique style. Rone calls her group of stylists “seasoned,” each working hard to give clients an individualized experience.

The stylists are not the only ones who are a part of this family. “The Oyster Point location is perfect. It is a transit area where clients come from Smithfield, Norfolk and Williamsburg to the salon. I have been doing the hair of so many of them since I finished beauty school in 1987. I even see kids of clients,” Rone says. Rone only has positive comments about the area and its residents. She has lived in this community her entire life and loves working here.

The salon boutique has evolved over the past six years as Rone has been able to put her personal touch on her business. She is very passionate about keeping it decorated for each season. Despite the decorations and homey feel, Rone hopes to one day expand into a bigger space and delve into new services, including skin care and other beauty fields.

As for what Rone sees and does daily in her salon, she makes sure to stay up to date on the latest trends by attending style and product conventions. “I have been doing a lot of drop root hair, I have been seeing lots of red coloring for winter, and curls are back in style,” Rone says, excitedly describing the latest trends in hair.

Rone’s favorite part about the job? “No two days are ever alike. People come in to have a good experience. Every day I get to have clients leave the salon feeling great about themselves,” she says.

Address: 740 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. C, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-749-3971
Contact: Trish Rone, owner
Business: Hair and nail salon

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