Sara and Stewart Sanders

Meet the Design Team

Stewart and Sara Sanders catching their breath at the top of Yosemite Falls at Yosemite National Park in May 2017.

Sara and Stewart Sanders make up SHS Design, the graphic design company that produces the Oyster Pointer print edition each month and manages the website.

Sara grew up on a farm in King and Queen County; Stewart in Charlotte, N.C. Sara started working on Oyster Pointer when the couple’s first child was one year old. That child, Alicia, is now 27. Soon after twin daughters Edie and Mary, now 24, were born, Stewart joined the design team, adding photo editing and web development skills to the mix. They describe their division of labor thus: Sara makes things look good; Stewart makes them work.

They have enjoyed being a part of the Oyster Pointer team and watching the publication grow over the years. Here’s to many more years working together!

What we like best about working as a team:

Sara: Lunch together every day while watching Stephen Colbert on YouTube

Stewart: The non-hostile work environment

Noteworthy TV moments relating to graphic design:

Sara: A Saturday Night Live sketch about the font Papyrus being used for the Avatar movie logo. It was a whole sketch for graphic designers!

Stewart: Any detective show where they “enhance” low-resolution, blurry photos and get crisp details — if only.

Favorite writers:

Sara: Kurt Vonnegut (always),
Margaret Atwood (current)

Stewart: David Baldacci, Michael Crichton

Our hobbies include:

Sara: Reading, taking long walks,
creating gourd art.

Stewart: Cycling, woodworking.

Favorite places we’ve traveled:

Sara: Northern California,
walking among the Redwoods

Stewart: Yosemite and the
Grand Canyon

We would like to travel to:

Sara: Hawaii — and stay for a month.

Stewart: I’m coming with you!

On our bucket list:

Sara: Finish the quilt I started more than 10 years ago.

Stewart: Raft the Colorado River.

Favorite moments working with Oyster Pointer:

Sara: Attending the 25th anniversary party, meeting people whose faces I knew from arranging their pictures on the pages over the years.

Stewart: Launching the new OP website, making it easy to read OP online.

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