Sarah Fulton The Lee Group

Point Blank

Sarah Fulton with husband Josh and sons Shane, left, and Hunter.

The best advice I can offer to a job seeker is  go after the jobs you want! If you want to work for a particular company, don’t be afraid to find a referral source in your network to get the job! And don’t hesitate to call to follow up on an application with the hiring manager. 

When I reflect on my time in the staffing industry, the most important lesson I have learned is  communication is key to success. In a world where texting and emailing prevail, real problems get solved and projects move forward when people work together personally. 

The three things that bring me the most happiness are  my family (husband and two boys), a good workout and time spent with my girlfriends. 

My idea of the perfect night in includes  home-cooked dinner, wine, fire pit, family, friends. 

My idea of the perfect night out includes  an activity that I can share with my family and friends, with a little competition! I love Top Golf, bowling, arcades and obstacle courses. 

My favorite aspect of spring in Newport News is  being outside near the water! 

Something I have learned from being a parent is  the best way for children to learn is by making mistakes. 

A television show I can binge watch is  Jack Ryan or Bosch. Something in the crime genre always hits the top of the list. 

I am most grateful for  having a healthy family. 

If I could live anywhere else in the world, I would choose  somewhere tropical! 

I love my life because  I’m blessed and don’t take that for granted. I have a wonderful family, a job that fulfills me and an amazing group of friends and co-workers in my life. What more could one ask?