Savannah Hinton – Agent, Liz Moore & Associates

Point Blank

Savannah Hinton, center, with daughter Yvette Freeman Sigal and son Joe Freeman.

My favorite things about the holiday season are  Thanksgiving, Christmas with family, cooking and entertaining. I love to host!

Something that my family and I always do as a holiday tradition is  sing, all 25 of us. We also exchange gag gifts, and all recipients must wear or act out the received gifts they drew. Funny things happen here.

things I love most when it is cold outside are  making a fire in the fireplace and cooking something yummy for dinner. I am a country cook so it’s some of my mother’s favorite dishes! When it snows, making snow cream and sugar stew.

The best holiday present I ever received was  a beautiful antique Rolex 1927, diamond and emerald watch. (I was totally shocked). However, if you know me, i am a jeans/ball cap kinda gal.

I love working in real estate because  it’s a continuous change. No two clients are alike.

When people think about me, I hope they think  she will do anything in her power to help others.

MY FAVORITE PASTIME IS  salt water fishing, anytime, anywhere!

when I need to get away, i  head to the water with a positive book. The sound of waves is very calming. In wintertime, I bundle up and do the same.

The most memorable vacation I have ever had was a trip to Portugal, where we rented a car, toured Spain, France and Italy. Loved just pulling out a map and taking in all the local flair.

Something that most people do not know about me is  at one time I played fast pitch softball, third base.

Something I wish I could do is  learn to rest. I am always in motion with a plan in front of me.

My heart swells when I think about  my children, Joe and Yvette — my biggest accomplishment.

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