Skyn Stuff Esthetics: Igniting confidence and beauty from within

A client receiving a facial benefits from Sears’ skills as an esthetician.

Skyn Stuff Esthetics, established in August, is a locally owned beauty and skincare day spa, offering therapeutic benefits including aromatherapy, mental relaxation and massage therapy. With a mindful and soothing atmosphere, Skyn Stuff Esthetics not only calms the mind but also boosts internal confidence by providing services such as facials, hair removal and makeup services, as well as other “Skyn Stuff.”

Tyvonna Sears, owner
of Skyn Stuff Esthetics

Owner Tyvonna Sears, an energetic, charismatic individual, is a Newport News native who has been working in the beauty industry for more than 20 years. Starting her journey with Mary Kay, she later transitioned to MAC Cosmetics in Patrick Henry Mall, where she worked for 10 years as a makeup artist. While working for MAC, she decided to focus more on skincare. She attended The Chrysm Institute of Esthetics in Virginia Beach, where she became an esthetician, later returning to become a Master Esthetician and eventually transitioning to an esthetics instructor. 

Through her experience in the beauty care industry and her passion to serve people and their skin needs, Sears opened a day spa, where she continued to “make people feel beautiful on the inside and out,” she says. “My main area of focus is on skincare and relaxation techniques, as well as promoting products that help to maintain the health of one’s skin. I also create a lot of educational videos, as well as Instagram reels that I post to highlight featured products,” says Sears. 

With plans to expand over the next decade, Sears’ goal is to have multiple business locations, expanding her company services to include nails techs, wax technicians and additional massage therapists. “I envision growing my business as a spa, having a variety of different technicians who specialize in skincare health and beauty, providing services that my clients are not currently receiving,” says Sears. 

When asked the favorite aspect of her career, Sears says, “I love the response of my clients to our services. With unique skin types, it’s important to maintain a good skincare routine to practice healthy habits. Clients feel good about themselves, finding a path toward the health of their skin.”

Sears continues, “Don’t sweat the small stuff because it’s not important in the long run.” Sears says her initial success is beyond what she expected within her first year of opening her spa. “I look forward to seeing what our company growth will be a year from now, considering I’ve had luck from the beginning. Now that people have been getting back into their regular routine after the pandemic, we expect to see a greater influx of clients,” says Sears. 

In her leisure time, Sears enjoys going to the gym, spending time with her family, including her three children, and her friends. She is also busy tending her mini-farm, consisting of two pigs, five chickens, three cats and a dog. “I love animals and my family life is very important to me. There is always something to do,” she says with a laugh, ‘so I am never bored.”

Sears’ daily schedule of multiple clients keeps her occupied, and through her passion for maintaining healthy skin, she continues to provide the best service possible, encouraging healthy habits. 

Skyn Stuff Esthetics
Address: 729 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 3-B, Newport News, VA 23608
Owner: Tyvonna Sears
Phone: 757-952-5893

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