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Allen Tanner

Allen Tanner has been practicing law for more than 47 years on the Virginia Peninsula, and three years ago the Newport News local took the leap to create his own firm: Tanner Law Group. “I’m in my 70s now, so I downsized recently to this wonderful little spot on Fishing Point Drive,” the managing member of Tanner Law Group says. “I work with about 10 others who help me help our clients buy and sell real estate.”

Tanner has been helping people in Hampton Roads with property his entire career. “We specialize in real estate. When interest rates rose in the early 80s, and real estate was tough at the time, I closed or assisted in about 100 transactions that year,” Tanner says. “Now, we do more than 150 transactions a month. Things have really changed with real estate. I have always felt it was necessary to have a lawyer at the closing table. Lenders have so much control now, and it’s a huge investment buying a home, so I believe if we have a competitive price, we have a real place at the closing table. It’s very important to me.”

With the real estate market constantly changing, many buyers and sellers are intimidated by the process. Tanner wants to help clients feel as at ease as possible throughout the whole experience. “Many people who are considering buying or selling a home fear the process. Or they don’t understand the process. It’s very rewarding to help home buyers buy their first home,” Tanner says. “I enjoy being able to help that buyer or seller make sure he or she has done everything right, and ensure it’s a good experience. I enjoy talking with people through the process.”

While Tanner is passionate about helping his clients, he also is dedicated to serving the community as a whole. “I love Newport News, plain and simple. I want to do my best to make this a wonderful place to live and I want to create a wonderful living environment. I’m trying to create places for people to gather and live and enjoy what goes on here.”

Tanner continues, “I want to improve the quality of life here, so I’ve tried to help create hope and opportunity downtown. I have purchased St. Paul’s Church, one of the most authentic Episcopal area churches. The folks there have a wonderful tradition of giving back to our diverse community, and I want to help do the same thing. I want that church to be a beacon of light.”

However, Tanner’s love for the community and desire to give back doesn’t just stop with the people of his hometown. “We need to think about the animals too. I have worked with the SPCA as a board member, and we need to remember animals’ survival matters too. Where will they go when we build new structures? It at least needs to be considered when we are developing,” the lawyer says. “We have some environmental issues to solve, as well. We need to protect our communities and build hope and give back. I want to help give the city an environment that will help bring the population to thrive.”

When asked what motivates him to serve the community every day, Tanner reflected on how fortuitous his life has been. “When you are as fortunate as I have been to have a successful business, you want to give back as best you can. Uplifting the community is what we can leave behind,” Tanner says. “I think that’s very important, and a real calling at my age. I am also hoping to build a group that is sustainable and goes beyond my days. I hope to make Tanner Law Group relevant for years to come.”

Tanner has worked hard to improve the community, and his friends wholeheartedly agree. “I’ve known Allen as a casual acquaintance for more than 30 years, but the last five years or so, we’ve spent more time together, and I’m glad to say I now consider him a good friend,” says Brian Cole, of Personal Training Associates. “Hard working, considerate of others and other compliments are well deserved, and what impresses me is his vision. His broadminded thinking and that almost every additional responsibility he undertakes is focused on improvement. He genuinely wants to improve things around him. We need more folks like Allen.”

When Tanner isn’t busy working or serving the Newport News community, he enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren in Charleston, South Carolina, as well as spending time with his wife and friends, playing golf and supporting his alma mater, the University of North Carolina Tar Heels in its sporting events.

Tanner and his team are passionate about the area they call home, and are ready to help assist anyone who may be looking to sell or buy property, or even just wants to contribute to making Newport News a better place.

Tanner Law Group
Address: 11835 Fishing Point Dr., Ste. 103, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-595-9000
Website: www.tannerlawcenter.com

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