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Dr. Chris Brill

In recent years, chiropractic medicine has gotten more recognition from the greater medical community. While this method of treatment has been embraced by those who practice a Western style of medicine, its approach is still holistic and draws from several healing traditions.

This alternative, holistic approach is what drew Dr. Chris Brill to chiropractic medicine in the first place. “I was always interested in medicine and the idea of healing, but I really was not drawn to the more grotesque aspects of traditional medicine like blood and infection. I had been pursuing an engineering degree but realized that my heart wasn’t in it. I was exposed to chiropractic care through my mother, who received treatment when I was a kid, and I’d always thought it would be something interesting to pursue as a career. I graduated from Parker College (Dallas, TX) in 1997, and I’ve been practicing chiropractic medicine here in Oyster Point ever since.”

With chiropractors having different styles, Brill says that his is a blend of about four different ones. “My style is gentle; it’s about getting things lined up properly so that the body treats its own ailments. I try to find what is interfering with the body’s ability to heal and remove it.”

Communication with the patient is a big part of what Brill does, and he feels that metaphors are a great way to explain his treatments and why they are helpful. “I like using metaphors that might compare the body with an automobile, for example. Someone might have a recurring problem with the same two tires going bald again and again. After several replacements it might become apparent that low-quality tires are not the issue; rather the car’s alignment is off. Straightening the alignment gets to the root of the problem that manifests itself as balding tires.” This isn’t dissimilar from what Brill does at his clinic, and such a metaphor is a great way for the patient and the doctor to be on the same page.

Chiropractic medicine is widely accepted today, but still seen as something for older people who are already experiencing a health problem. Unlike doctors and dentists, a kid would not think of it as an annual visit to the chiropractor. But now more than ever, the young can benefit from a visit to the chiropractor, even on an annual basis similar to the annual visit to the dentist.

“Compared with when I first began practicing, we see a lot of young people with ‘tech-neck,’” says Brill. “The neck’s natural curvature helps to support the head and the gentle pressure that gravity applies. These days people spend a lot of time staring downward at devices such as tablets and smart phones. This straightening of the neck causes problems because it changes the geometry that helps carry the load.”

Brill’s holistic approach extends beyond the office too. When he isn’t working he can usually be found on the water fishing or in the woods hunting. “For me, it’s not even necessarily about getting fish on the boat or harvesting an animal; it’s about being in nature and being fully present in the moment,” he says.

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