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Frank Griffin, design and sales consultant, in front of the company’s new location on George Washington Memorial Highway. (Photo by Cathy Welch)

We’re not your typical remodeling company. We have a design coordinator on staff; we have a sales team, not just one sales person; we have two owners; and if you need to answer your questions, you could come in and talk to the owners,” Frank Griffin, design and sales consultant for Total Home Improvements (THI), says.

“With some remodeling companies the business owner is also the guy doing the job, so if he’s in the field working, you can’t get answers to your questions. We pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction, and most of our business comes from referrals,” Griffin continues.

Total Home Improvements began operation in 1991 with brothers Gene and Randy Firth. For years it was a small company with a receptionist and a few employees working in the field. Today THI has 30 employees, including a full design team and a full sales team. Griffin joined the company 14 years ago, and has played a major role in growing the company beyond its humble beginnings.

“I came to the company as production manager and moved over to the sales side. As the company began to grow, I worked from home before we opened our sales and design office down the street from the main building,” Griffin says. Then a lot next to the main office on Route 17 was purchased, anticipating a building expansion. But the growth was so swift there was no time to construct a new building, electing instead to open the second office nearby.

However, when a large building was advertised for sale in the neighborhood, it was the perfect chance to unite the company’s branches under a larger roof to accommodate all divisions. As the business continues to grow, a new home on the same Route 17 is anticipated by early 2020.

Total Home Improvements has increasingly changed since Griffin arrived. Technology and websites such as Angie’s List and Home Advisor have allowed for the general public to become much more well versed in the remodeling process and in what to expect from all facets of the process. Griffin explains that one of the greatest advancements has been the development of remodeling design software. “We use a program called Chief Architect,” he says. “It’s pretty similar to AutoCAD, but it allows us to fill in lots of details including color. With a tool like this, it’s very easy for everybody — customers and design team — to be on the same page. We can create a 3D rendering of what the customer wants and can use that to make adjustments as well. This allows the customer to exactly see what he or she is getting, and helps us give the customer exactly the desired request. With this new software, the potential for any disconnect is gone.”

Brothers Gene and Randy Firth say they could not have imagined 30 years ago the company would be as big as it is today, but the focus has remained the same. “We’re thankful for the community’s support. It’s more than just sticks and bricks with us. We want to give back and help the community that helps us,” Gene Firth says.

Total Home Improvements, Inc.
Address: 4033 George Washington Memorial Hwy., Yorktown, VA 23692
Contact: Frank Griffin, design and sales consultant
Phone: 757-877-2212

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