Tyler Neese – Financial Security Advisory, Inc.

Point Blank

Tyler Neese with Jess and Piper

The best advice I can offer when it comes to wealth advisement is:  It’s better to prepare than repair! Too often, folks wait until they are ready to retire to seek the advice of a planner.

If I weren’t in the world of finance, I would want to be involved with  anything that would pay me to learn. 

The most impactful advice I have been given by my mentors in this industry is:  “I don’t know what I don’t know” is the truth at the core of why clients hire us. We get paid to know. 

My family plans for Thanksgiving include  napping on the floor of my in-law’s dining room after eating too much food.

A must-have Thanksgiving dish for me is  turkey stuffing.

A nickname I have been given that I am partial to is “T.”

The last song I played on purpose was  “Concerning Hobbits” by Howard Shore.

I have always wanted to travel to  Israel.

My hidden talent is my ability to  write.

My favorite time of day is  walking through the front door of my home and seeing my wife and our dogs, Piper and Arlo.

A charitable cause of which I am in passionate support is  Care Net Peninsula.

Something I do every day as part of my routine is  read my Bible. 

Something I want to do to live a healthier life is  workout consistently.

The best part of my job is  empowering and instilling people with hope when they have been burdened by years of worry and anxiety surrounding their finances and their futures.