Vital Records Control: Providing confidentiality and support for life

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Cassie Turner

Vital Records Control, one of the largest privately held records and information management service providers in the United States, offers confidential records management, both paper and through digital media, for a variety of government and private sector companies and industries across the country. The company prides itself on providing confidentiality to its customers with an entire lifecycle of management opportunities for essential records, including a variety of business assets, confidential paper documents, backup tapes, electronic files and medical records.

Cassie Turner, director of operations for more than 15 years, works alongside her management team to provide quality customer service, complying with complex government regulations, managing and providing storage for confidential records, as well as mitigating risk for her clientele. “I have an amazing team of professionals who have been with me for a number of years, and no matter what challenges present themselves, they tackle the situation and never cease to amaze me with what they are able to accomplish in a workday,” says Turner. 

As a proud U.S. Army Veteran with more than 15 years of logistics expertise, Turner remains dedicated and committed to providing the best customer service and confidentiality to the Hampton Roads community in a vital capacity. “I spend most of my days managing projects that are in various phases of government processes, as well as developing operational strategies for the day — there is never a dull moment,” Turner says. 

Turner starts her morning with coffee and prayers, helping to keep her centered both professionally and in her private life. She enjoys reading periodicals such as Inside Business to stay informed about other industries across Hampton Roads. “It helps to provide me with insight of where dynamics are shifting, which will inadvertently impact what we do and what we provide to our clients,” Turner says.

Outside of work, Turner spends time with her husband and her daughter. “Our daughter graduated from Christopher Newport University with an English degree and has been teaching second grade English in South Korea for the past six years. She is our only child and we are delighted she is doing so well in a foreign country,” Turner says. 

When asked how COVID-19 affected Vital Records, Turner clarifies that the pandemic was the busiest season for Vital Records due to the extension of her clientele, including local hospitals and military personnel which make up a large majority of the Hampton Roads population. “During the pandemic, Vital Records kicked into high gear as many of the local hospitals were inundated with activity, and many of our accounts involved the military. We continued providing services, and all of our employees were with us, which was a tremendous blessing to our company,” Turner says. 

With customer service as her biggest passion, Turner notes she would love to increase connections with her clientele over the coming years. “With rapid business growth, you can lose sight of personal connections, and since our customers are so accustomed to those intimate connections, we try to treat each customer as if he or she is our only customer,” says Turner. 

When asked where she envisions Vital Records Control in 10 years, Turner explains, “with document management and paper being in circulation for so long, I feel that we will be just as relevant in the future. Some documents are never to be destroyed and are to be kept for life, and because Vital Records Control is making strides in the digital media sector (which many of our clients prefer), I am confident in our ability to still accommodate the needs of our customers decades from now.” 

Vital Records Control
Address: 12671 McManus Blvd., Newport News, VA 23602
Contact: Cassie Turner, director of operations,
Phone: 757-873-0378

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