Weddings at sea – However you spend it, you’ll remember your wedding day forever!


Imagine all the fun things you can do on a cruise for a festive event like your wedding, honeymoon or vow renewal, celebrating your love for one another at sea. 

Cruise weddings offer a variety of options and price points for travelers planning a wedding. It combines one of the most important days of your life with exciting destinations, plenty of entertainment and an array of things to eat and drink. Options range from onboard wedding ceremonies to weddings on embarkation day or in a port of call. 

At-sea nuptials have many selling points — including a wedding planner, a wedding coordinator and a built-in honeymoon — especially for couples looking for smaller, more intimate weddings with 50 to 100 guests attending. Some ships have an onboard wedding chapel for your special day at sea. 

Imagine being in a floating hotel that can offer all the essentials a wedding venue needs, including food, drinks and overnight accommodation for all invited guests. Space is available to host wedding-related events over several days, such as a pre-reception cocktail hour, pre-ceremony spa day with the girls, a couples massage or a morning-after brunch. Cruise ship employees are trained in hospitality, with photographers, bakers and DJs already on board. 

A cruise wedding is just as easy to plan as a land-based ceremony, plus it’s fully customizable. It’s also an affordable way to combine your reception and honeymoon all-in-one amazing vacation package, often with significant savings over a land-based wedding and reception. 

As you begin to plan your cruise ship wedding, there are many decisions. This is the time to consult a travel advisor who will put you in touch with a wedding coordinator working with the various cruise lines. 

Your wedding coordinator will assist you with all your decisions pertaining to your wedding event. There are various packages from which to choose. One of the first decisions is whether to schedule nuptials for embarkation day, at sea or in a port of call. A popular option is to plan your wedding while the ship is at sea as you won’t have the time pressure of embarkation day. The ship’s captain can perform the ceremony on many of the cruise lines. 

Accommodations for family and friends attending your wedding are made through a travel advisor, working along with your wedding coordinator, who will assist your guests, plus any special events on ship taking place prior to or after your wedding day. 

Imagine how gorgeous your wedding photos will be with the wide-open sea as a backdrop! A cruise ship wedding is a type of wedding that can fit anyone. It’s ideal for couples getting married the first time, second time or third time or vow renewals for all ages. Celebrate your dream wedding with an unforgettable voyage to picturesque destinations. 

Cruise ship weddings are very popular. People are ready to sail; they’re ready to cruise to exciting destinations. If you want a hassle-free wedding, with a one-stop shop for planning and a built-in honeymoon, then a wedding at sea might just be for you! 

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