Worley’s Home Services: Connecting with customers and the community

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Chuck Worley, CEO of Worley’s Home Services

Chuck Worley started Worley’s Home Services in August 2016. A native of the Hampton Roads area, Worley decided to take the leap to serve the community he calls home. “The services our team provides include heating and air conditioning, plumbing, electric, insulation, attic insulation and crawl spaces. We perform work in both residential and commercial buildings,” Worley says. “We now have a team of 78 employees. What really sets us apart from others in the field is our focus on character and integrity, and ‘always do the right thing,’ our motto.”

Growing up, Worley struggled in school with Dyslexia and eventually went to Norfolk State University before finding and choosing a different path. The future CEO decided to go to Newport News Apprentice School instead, where he would gain his home service skills before graduating and working his way up the industry ladder.

Now every day looks a little different for Worley as business CEO. “The day starts with my son and me talking since he works on our team’s operations. I used to work from five to 10 houses a day, but in this past year, I’ve begun to focus more on brand awareness, becoming a brand ambassador,” Worley says. “I’m working on doing more development for our team by getting in front of people every day and networking.” 

The Worley home services team has worked hard to make a name for themselves, but they also try to connect with customers. “My favorite part about my job is talking with our customers and my employees,” Worley says. “I also enjoy conquering the next challenge our team faces, whether it’s a new division or learning a new skill. Seeing the dream, the vision and the next goal coming true is the best part alongside the team aspect of my job.” 

When asked about what he considers his team’s biggest accomplishment, Worley says, “We work with a consultant out of Arizona, and 10+ of our guys hit personal business goals they had set for themselves. We all win when they win. The team aspect of watching the guys support each other is great. We know each other’s goals, and we cheer other team members to achieve their goals.” 

When it comes to connecting with the community, Worley’s Home Services is very interested in giving back to the place it calls home. “We support a local food pantry in Newport News, and since the start of our business, we have supported close to 100 different ministries and charities,” Worley says. “We also donate 10 percent of our net profits to charities and ministries every year.”

While Worley has put his heart and soul into this business, he makes sure to find some down time, too. “On my days off I enjoy going camping. I have an RV and I like going away, but I also love spending a Friday night around my backyard fire pit,” Worley says.

According to Worley, the future looks bright for his team, with big plans anticipated. “Our goal is to be the home services provider of Hampton Roads. When people think of a problem, we want them to think of Worley’s first. We want people to think of our green and orange trucks.” 

Worley’s Home Services
Address: 126 Production Dr., Ste. A, Yorktown, VA 23693
Phone: 757-996-4862
Contact: Chuck Worley, CEO
Website: www.callworleys.com

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