Wright Brain Core: A new way to heal

Sherri Wright-Cox, DC (Photo by Maurice Kleinman)

In today’s society it is common for an individual to find himself on a plethora of medication to deal with anxiety, depression, ADHD, ADD, migraines and more. Since opening Wright Brain Core in 2017, Dr. Sherri Wright-Cox is helping to change the way individuals view mental conditions through the usage of neurofeedback technology.

A brain mapping and training program, neurofeedback technology assists in the correction of anomalies within the brain. QEEG mapping, or quantitative EEG, measures electrical patterns on the surface of the scalp, which reflect brainwave activity. This mapping technology helps determine how a client uses his brainwaves in each section of his brain. After mapping, areas of abnormalities and faulty nerve connections are identified, and training begins.

Ten to 15 years ago, neurofeedback technology left universities and research facilities, after spending more than 40 years perfecting it, making its way into the hands of general clinicians. Now, as a result of QEEG brain mapping technology, the price of treatment has reduced significantly and become more cost effective for the general public. At Wright Brain Core, brain-training programs are more comprehensive and use a variety of factors, in addition to neurofeedback, to assist clients.

Through training, a client’s brain learns how to implement correct brainwave patterns through a process of being rewarded when the brain produces the right wave at the right time. Over time, this training allows a client’s brain to function and better communicate, making room for the correct brainwave pathway to form as well as avoid the effects of certain mental disorders.

“Clients come to me who are already on heavy amounts of medication from previous diagnoses. Once they start this program, I watch them reduce medication and begin healing,” Wright-Cox says about the positive effects of the neurofeedback technology.

Prior to opening Wright Brain Core, Wright-Cox primarily worked as a chiropractor, helping to manage client’s chronic pain syndromes in addition to assisting in the healing of injuries from sports or other activities.

After witnessing personal success with the brain-training program in both herself and her daughter, Wright-Cox sees the benefits of neurofeedback technology. She has been assisting patients in re-training their brain. To help others understand these disorders and the treatment option, Wright-Cox hosts talks to provide information to clients and others interested in learning.

“We are able to analyze a client through his brainwaves, as well as his physical, mental and social states to better understand the specific ways that person is using his brain,” Wright-Cox says as she discusses her comprehensive approach to brain training.

Wright-Cox and the other associates at Wright Brain Core are planning to serve the community in a variety of different ways. Currently she is in the process of developing a nonprofit to allow those with post-traumatic stress disorder to have access to her medical programs. “I’m so glad to be helping the community and to be able to expand in a way that allows us to assist others. I’m looking forward to using our nonprofit to help clients reduce their medications and become thriving individuals,” Wright-Cox says.

Wright-Cox splits her time between Brain Core and continuing to help individuals as a chiropractor. While her days are mostly filled with serving her clients, she enjoys spending free moments with her husband and daughter, a lover of horses.

Wright Brain Core
Address: 733 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Ste. 170, Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-358-0346
Website: www.wrightbraincore.com

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