Wright Models & Actors: Lights! Camera! Working!

Pat Wright’s models and actors enjoy career-advancing opportunities at the Model and Talent Expo organized by Mike Beaty (far right). Award-winner Andrea Blizzard stands between Beaty and Pat Wright (third from the right). (Photos Courtesy of Wright Models & Actors)

Pat Wright is awesome! She goes above and beyond for her clients. When I saw what she did for my son, Barrett, I thought, ‘Why not me?’ Pat motivated me — made me feel I could successfully pursue a modeling and acting career. Even at my age! Pat Wright knows her ‘stuff.’ She helps you achieve what others may say is impossible. I won first place in a runway competition — never thought it would happen — and my son is in New York making things happen because of Pat,” says Andrea Blizzard. Blizzard’s son Barrett Blizzard “just got a Broadway show and a film part” says Pat Wright, founder of Wright Models & Actors.

Pat Wright teaches aspiring models and actors many facets of the business well beyond the camera and the runway.

Now in her 40th year of the model and acting agency business, Wright says that her former teen clients have grown and begun bringing their children to her for development of confidence, skills and placement assistance. She says with a smile, “But when they start bringing me their grandchildren, I’m leaving!”

In the meantime, Wright is busy preparing to take her talent pool to an upcoming Model and Talent Expo showcase in Dallas, where 60 agents, casting directors, managers and producers  audition the talent brought by invited agencies such as Wright’s. Wright says, “The Expo is a cost and time effective way to bring these people together because agencies like mine have to be invited to the event. They know my clients are properly groomed for modeling and acting careers. It’s not just about standing in front of a camera or walking down a runway. I teach the whole business and how to present yourself before and after an audition as well. And I stay in touch with my talent throughout their careers.”

Wright’s success stories include Chad Michael Murray and local realtor Greg Garrett’s son, Trent Garrett. Garrett’s numerous credits include Guess Jeans, All My Children, and 90210, says Wright. She also cautions, “There is little to no regulation in this field. I won’t mislead people about their talent, lack of potential for talent; nor where the work is and isn’t.”

Wright knows talent of the four-legged variety also! Her “hobby and passion” are for her talented dogs! She owns a retired bulldog that she trained and ran in agility and speed events. Her dog was invited to the American Kennel Club Invitational and was inducted into the Bulldog of America Hall of Fame. Wright also owns three adorable purebred Pumi dogs. These Hungarian herding dogs have a lot of personality and character. Wright, who says she is on her two cell phones 24/7, flashes a few photos of her beloved pets. One of her Pumis sits upright like a human, even while riding shotgun in Wright’s car. In good humor, Wright explains, “Dogs don’t ask me for anything but a cookie and they never ask to see their pictures!”

Wright Models & Actors
Address: Physical address by appointment; see website.
Phone: 757-873-3444
Contact: Pat Wright
Business: Model and actor agency
Website: wrightmt.com

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