Adventures abound with rail travel across Canada

There is no question that Canada is a land of exceptional beauty. If you want to get a true sense of the breadth and diversity of Canada, cross-country rail travel may be for you. When you travel by train it affords you the time to experience and witness this beautiful country.

There is something romantic about traveling by train. The swaying of the
train and the soundtrack of the clickety-clack of the wheels rolling along the rails become peaceful and comforting as the train rumbles along the tracks. You travel quickly but not too quickly to miss out on the views.

To begin your journey, simply decide whether your travel will take you east to west or west to east. Either way you choose, the experience promises beautiful scenery and an unparalleled way to see this magnificent country.

Via Rail’s trans-continental Canadian starts in Halifax with the most popular run from Toronto to Vancouver. Via Rail is the only rail carrier in Canada offering coast-to-coast rail service. The train travels from Toronto to Vancouver or reverses three times a week. Other smaller rail carriers intersect with Via Rail lines, offering further destination options. One runs between Jasper or Banff and Vancouver. Another showcases Canada’s forests, lakes, mountains and expansive prairie grasslands as well as the people who inhabit the cities and towns along the way. Domes observation cars let you enjoy views of the Canadian countryside. If you choose to go straight across, your journey will take nearly four days, crossing five Canadian provinces and passing through some of North America’s most vibrant cities, including Winnipeg, Edmonton and Jasper in the Canadian Rockies.

Plan your trip well and make the most of your journey by choosing to step off the train in the various cities along the way. Rail tours offer motor-coach sightseeing opportunities at stops as well as a variety of sleeping accommodations along with all meals aboard the train.

One popular stop is Jasper, the crown jewel of the journey. This small mountain town is part of Jasper National Park, the largest park in the Canadian Rockies. It promises amazing views, a glimpse of breathtaking snowcapped peaks in the distance and tranquil lakes. You can spend several days touring and hiking in Jasper National Park, Columbia Icefield, Lake Louise and Banff National Parks.

Customize a Canadian rail adventure to suit yourself or the entire family and do it well in advance. Sleeping accommodations with meal services on the trains are popular and advanced reservations are highly recommended. Rail touring in Canada is an unforgettable experience. Call your local travel professional and get started — the possibilities are endless!

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