Lessons of life

Here are six lessons of life that I try to adhere to every day and wish to share with you.

Lesson 1: Protect your reputation

Your own good reputation is the very best thing you can have as you go through life. If you want to work for good, honest people who are very successful in life, then accordingly, by having a very good reputation, you have a much better chance of getting hired than someone who doesn’t have a good reputation.

Lesson 2: Thank God

When you first awaken in the morning, immediately thank God for all of the things for which you are grateful, like your mother, father, teacher, coach and those people and things that have helped and encouraged you as you go through life. This is a very positive way to start your day, getting you off to a good start. I have been doing this every day for the last 20-plus years since Sir John Templeton (a billionaire) gave me this advice.

Lesson 3: Pick real friends

Pick friends who are the people who support and encourage you to be better and help you achieve.

Lesson 4: The 3 Cs

As you go through life, regardless of who you are or where you are from, remember the 3 Cs of life.

C 1: Everybody has challenges. These are unpredictable and occur out of nowhere.

C 2: When you have challenges, you will have to make choices. If you had good parents and good friends, if you went to Sunday school every Sunday and were a Girl Scout or Boy Scout and/or joined a Boys and Girls Club, you will probably make better choices than someone who hasn’t had your background.

C 3: Your choices will have consequences. If you make good choices, your life will be better.

When I tell people about the 3 Cs
in life, I find that everyone understands. Children and parents understand it 100 percent. This advice was given to me by a headmaster at my prep school when I asked him what advice he was giving to high school students in today’s troubled world.

Lesson 5: Three Latin words

The following three Latin words with a brief description of each were said at the funeral of my college Latin professor/mentor. These words described who he was and how he lived his life.

Gravitas: Be responsible for your own actions.

Simplicitas: Work hard and earn a simple, honest living.

Pietas: Be responsible for your family, your community, your country, your place of worship and your God.

The more good friends that I have that I can describe by these three words, I am confident help me become a better person.

Lesson 6: Greet everyone

As you walk down the street, around town or in your neighborhood, always smile and greet others with a “good morning,” “good afternoon” and “have a great day.” It works!

With the turmoil in our country and in the world today, I feel that if we adhere by these six lessons of life, everything will get better for all of us and our country. It doesn’t cost anything and they are just positive common-sense actions that show love.

God bless you. Please tell these six lessons of life to your children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and anyone else you love and care about.

William T. (Bill) Saunders can be reached at 757-727-8181.

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