Anointed Life: Inspiring through hope and peace

Robbie Person
Robbie Person

Anointed Life, a retail store established in 2016, provides hope and peace to the community through encouraging and inspirational messages, often seen on its trending apparel. As a partner of No Matter What Trust God Ministries, Anointed Life works to provide strength and vision to the community in difficult times. 

Owner Robbie Person, a calm, sincere and meaningful individual, works countless hours each week alongside her husband to ensure that her store continuously engages with the local community to spread positivity and hope. “I find myself engaging sincerely with people to provide meaning and purpose to what we do,” says Person. 

Through serving the community over the last seven years, Person remains passionate about strengthening the community by helping and inspiring others. “We truly believe that we are making a difference with the products that we provide, and to see that change and the encouraging interactions is a really uplifting experience,” says Person. When asked what motivated her to create Anointed Life, Person states, “My husband was designing T-shirts with the message from his ministry, and when we married, we wanted to have a location that would positively impact the community and encourage people through our inspirational products.” 

Person says, “My favorite aspect of this business is the impact and difference that we are able to make in the lives of people because there is so much hopelessness in the world. Life can be hard, and by being able to experience the atmosphere we have created, I believe there is a shift that takes place when customers are able to feel a strong sense of peace and hope when they come into our store.” 

When asked how her business has changed since opening, Person says, “Our product line has expanded. We have also been able to increase our portfolio with a screen-printing shop in Yorktown as a result of the demand from the community and other businesses requiring customized products.” 

Person says that COVID-19 significantly impacted the business industry. Person says, “Since we had one customer from a local business purchase so much from us during that season, we were able to keep up with our lease payments, as well as our engagement with the community. It was amazing and we are very grateful that we were able to sustain during the pandemic.” 

Despite difficult obstacles, Person hopes to expand her business over the next decade. “Because I believe our business is organic and evolving into a shape of its own, we have plans to add a bookstore as well as starting a franchise sometime this year, and seize any opportunities that come our way,” says Person. 

Time away from the store is special to Person. “If I am not working, I love to read and enjoy beautiful scenery. I also enjoy walking, traveling, spending time with family and collecting quarters,” she says with a smile. 

Anointed Life
Address: 675-B Town Center Dr., Newport News, VA 23606
Contact: Robbie Person, owner
Phone: 757-969-0130

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