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Biral S. Amin, M.D., MBA, Oncology Service Line Chief, Riverside Health System in his office at Riverside Cancer Center. Photo by Cathy Welch

I don’t want anyone to ever think twice about where they want to go for cancer care,” says Dr. Biral Amin, MBA, oncology service line chief with Riverside Health System. “I want this to be the first place one thinks of.”

Raised in Hampton Roads, Dr. Amin is the son of first-generation Indian parents from Gujarat, India. His father, Dr. Sanjay S. Amin, is a pediatrician in Chesapeake who came to the United States with his wife to complete his residency in Maryland.

“I’m fourth or fifth generation in the Amin clan in the medical field with 50 to 100 doctors,” Dr. Biral Amin says.

After finishing his bachelor’s degree at the age of 20 at The University of Virginia, he was accepted at Eastern Virginia Medical School (EVMS). He took a year off, during which he met his wife, Amitee. Amitee worked on Wall Street prior to having their three children: son, Jaan (10); daughter, Jaya (7); and son, Jayce (5). Today, the family is building a home in Dandy.

Amin graduated from EVMS in 2000 and earned his MBA degree from University of Tennessee while finishing his residency at New York Methodist Hospital.

Prior to joining Riverside Medical Group in 2014, Amin was director of radiation therapy at Chesapeake General Hospital. He became Riverside’s oncology line service chief a year ago.

“I fell into oncology,” he says. “I was planning on pediatric neurology or pediatric rehab. I did a rotation in radiation oncology and I loved its technology and the hands-on aspects.”

Riverside Oncology handles all cancer sites, including breast, prostate, lung, head and neck, colorectal and more. Amin has significant experience in prostate brachytherapy and is board-certified by the American Board of Radiology.

Recently, Amin accepted a lead role with the Riverside Foundation. “Dr. Amin has agreed to help us lead a focused effort to bring awareness to our cancer program and the gift opportunities that can help support the care that he and the other physicians are able to deliver to our patients,” Jennifer Frank, the Foundation’s gift planning officer, says.

“Aside from cancer, patients often have many other concerns, such as family or financial problems. These are the big challenges,” Amin says. “I can handle the medicine. That’s the easy part.”

The Riverside Oncology team keeps patients and their families in mind in every decision they make.

Amin says. “I think to myself, ‘Is this the way a family member should be treated’? If the answer is yes, then it’s worth the investment.”

The Riverside Foundation works with grateful patients and community members to support additional care not covered by insurance and provided at no additional cost to patients. These beneficial extras include integrative therapies, such as pet therapy, music therapy and massage therapy, which help to decrease stress and ease treatment side effects. Charitable contributions also can provide direct assistance to cancer patients for medications, transportation and can help with monthly bills a patient may be unable to pay because of being out of work. Another significant benefit is Riverside’s patient navigators, four certified oncology nurses who specialize in breast cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal and digestive cancer and lung cancer.

“The oncology nurses are the direct link between our patients and their needs, along with our physicians who help identify which patients need support,” Amin explains. “They’re a personal guide for patients and families throughout their cancer experience.”

Patient navigators also help patients schedule surgical, radiation and infusion chemotherapy appointments.

Amin volunteers for medical efforts as needed and is on the board of The Hampton Roads Prostate Health Forum. He was named a Coastal Virginia magazine Top Doc in 2014.

In his free time, Amin goes to the gym, plays basketball with his son and watches the Raiders play football. He and his wife enjoy vacations. They ski and like the beach, but right now are trying to stay local.

“Last year or the year before was the first time we haven’t traveled with a stroller or diaper bag,” he says. “Probably next year we will take our children to Europe.” He also wants to travel with his children to India.

Riverside Cancer Care Center, along with The Riverside Foundation, lives by the motto Together We Are Stronger Than Cancer.

“You’re helping patients and families,” Dr. Amin says of the job he loves. “I sleep well at night.”

Riverside Radiation Oncology
Riverside Medical Center
Address: 12100 Warwick Blvd., Ste. 201, Newport News, VA
Phone: 757-594-2644

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