Days Inn of Oyster Point: Seeing a familiar landscape through new eyes

Assistant manager Shirley Carter, serving customers with a smile. (Photo by Terlyn Goins)

Author Marcel Proust said the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but having new eyes.

When traveling, it can sometimes be challenging to find comfortable, reasonably priced accommodations for overnight stays. With so many hotels to choose from, the tried, tested and familiar places may go unnoticed. Tucked away in an out-of-the-way location, Days Inn on Fishing Point Drive in Oyster Point is just such a place. Off the beaten trail, this hotel carries with it a quaintness and small-town appeal not often present in some of the more corporate facilities.

Although the hotel has been in the Oyster Point area for more than 25 years, it has more recently been under new ownership. Over the past five years, the new owners have put in place a renovation strategy for the property, including cleaning the property, hanging new wallpaper, putting in pillow-top mattresses, installing flat screen televisions, and installing energy saving plumbing. While significant changes have taken place thus far, there are still many improvements yet to come, says Shirley Carter, assistant general manager. For instance, plans include installing new flooring, replacing the vanities and mirrors in each room and eventually updating the furniture throughout the hotel.

Having as its mission to be hospitable, friendly, attentive and professional, the Days Inn staff goes out of its way to provide courteous and personable service to every guest who walks through the door. But the personal appeal is more than just a superficial act. Rather, it begins at the general manager level and permeates through the entire staff. The managers demonstrate a willingness to work from the ground up—to do whatever needs to be done, says Carter. And, Carter says that, in the middle of any given workday, the general manager, Mr. Patel, purchases and delivers snacks to the employees and always fosters a very friendly and comfortable work atmosphere.

There are various facets of this Days Inn property that offer an appeal, not the least of which is the convenient location between Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. And, as Carter touts, “We offer all the amenities of other places—pool, laundry facility, fitness center, business center, pet friendliness, etc. Our amenities are right in line with everyone else—but our rates are better.” Carter also grants that, “if our facility can’t meet the need of the customer (e.g., extended stay where full kitchens are needed), we are happy to help people find accommodations that will work best for them.”

Carter and her boyfriend spend the weekends driving to other cities and towns, checking out new areas to see what they have to offer. These excursions “have helped me in my business,” says Carter. “I’m able to share with other people and to interact a lot more with my guests because often I am familiar with cities and towns that others may have never heard of, which usually comes as a surprise to a lot of my customers.”

As the Days Inn facility continues to improve and move forward, Carter admits they’re excited to see what the future brings. “We’re really looking forward to getting more involved in the community—helping the city when they need rooms or when they need to host events, fundraisers, etc. We’re headed in a positive direction,” says Carter.

While this property may be a familiar landscape, it is definitely being viewed with “new eyes.”

Days Inn, Oyster Point
Address: 11829 Fishing Point Dr.,  Newport News, VA 23606
Phone: 757-873-6700
Contact: K.D. Patel, general manager;
Shirley Carter, assistant general manager

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