Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha of Port Warwick Dental Arts: To smile or not to smile

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Patients in every examination room are treated to the beauty and serenity of a waterfront view that features a Koi pond, exemplifying the pairing of nature and the natural holistic approach of Dr. Samaha’s practice. (Photo by Karen Eure Wilson)

Unexpected — blessedly, brilliantly and beautifully unexpected. Not many people would consider a dental appointment to be a time of relaxation and refreshment. However, when you enter Port Warwick Dental Arts, (PWDA), you enter into an atmosphere where peace seems to greet you, warmth embraces you and professionalism and passion for healing and total wellness undergirds your journey within its walls and beyond.

Lisa Marie Samaha, DDS, is an internationally acclaimed healer, award-winning artist and dentist. She created her dental practice in Port Warwick to fulfill a God-given call in 2003.

“I really felt called to build in this spot,” reflects Samaha. “I walked these woods with the leaves crunching under my feet and I said, ‘Lord, I believe you have asked me to do something, but what is it you want me to do?’ I immediately got my answer, ‘You are to create a sacred space for healing.’”

PWDA is a total health dental practice, “caring for each human being through the lens of total wellness.” Samaha is a highly regarded cosmetic and reconstructive dentist whose compassion, kindness and confidence allay patients’ fears and build lasting relationships. Her staff also exemplifies these same characteristics, and this unparalleled team is changing the face of the industry a smile at a time.

PWDA is known for creating beautiful smiles but it’s so much more than that. Says Samaha, “it’s about creating a beautifully structurally sound smile on a foundation of absolute integrity. The integrity of the foundation means no periodontal disease.”

Samaha continues, “Eighty-five percent of the adult population in our country has periodontal disease, and we don’t let that fly. We attack it, we deal with it and we treat it.” Samaha is known internationally for her expertise and has developed and founded various international organizations for dentistry and medicine, publishing thousands of articles on dental health and wholeness. She teaches doctors from all over the world and is known as a highly respected expert throughout the world of dentistry. She is the tip of the spear in the battle to obtain and maintain total health.

“The pairing of cosmetic health with total health means that we’re transforming the health of the entire body by transforming the health of the mouth,” Samaha says. “In close collaboration with our patients’ medical teams, their total health has dramatically improved just by eliminating dental disease.” She believes that there is no healthcare practitioner who has the opportunity to improve total health faster than those in dentistry when approached from a total health perspective.

PWDA has a dedicated team member who is a dental and medical cross coder, which is extremely rare and valuable in the world of dentistry. The prime benefit for Samaha’s patients is that with the latest version of medical insurance coding, her insurance coordinator is able to cross code, which means for women who are pregnant or for people who have diabetes or cardiovascular disease, she can file their dental benefits under medical insurance because they treat so many patients who are medically compromised.

Dr. Lisa Marie Samaha with two of her paintings that visitors can see in The Upper Gallery.

To support the total health initiative, Samaha integrates art and music as invaluable tools in the health and wholeness process. From PWDA’s front entrance to the registration desk, to the waiting area, to the examination rooms, the walls host a display of Samaha’s paintings. She is an acclaimed award-winning watercolorist. Her canvases further expand to the office’s second level to The Upper Gallery, where a multitude of colors, shapes, sizes and tone further express Samaha’s artistic creativity and often stirs up talents and gifts hidden within guests who visit.

The gallery also serves as a gathering space in addition to the practice’s outer courtyard, where live music is incorporated through performances by well known artists, frequently from Nashville and through its annual summer House Concert Series.

Samaha also enjoys walks on the beach, paddle boarding and playing the ukulele. Foreign and classic films are her favorites, and her love for the Argentine Tango puts a pep in her step.

In addition to being a renowned author and lecturer, she is a true lover of life. She celebrates the diversity of people and she remains grateful to the Creator of all creation who led her to create PWDA as a sacred space for healing — a place where the blessedly, brilliantly and beautifully unexpected has now become the expected for those fortunate enough to be part of the PWDA family.

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