Eric Kauders – President and Chief Executive Officer, Old Point Wealth Management

Point Blank

The best aspect of my job is  helping my team achieve more together than they thought they could accomplish.

A mistake people make when investing their money is  not starting early enough. Saving and investing a small amount of money early in life allows compounding to work its magic and provide growth over time.

An important lesson I have learned working in finance is  it’s not about stock tips or investment returns or tax strategies; it’s about values.

I am happiest when I am  doing something — anything. Our family loves to sail, ride bikes, paddleboard, kayak, go for a run, play four-square or pickleball, build sandcastles, whatever. Life is short; don’t miss out.

Something that I hope reminds people of me is  compassion. Whether it’s my family, friends, co-workers, clients or even strangers, helping people is paramount to me.

My three heroes are:  My grandfather, who fled tyranny in Europe to find liberty in America and told me that even a lion can lose his freedom if he forgets to fight. My father, who showed me the courage and personal sacrifice of entrepreneurs who risk everything for a dream and a better life for their families. And Frank Wolf, a longtime Virginia congressman, who taught me you don’t need to change the whole world if you just change your little corner of it.

Something I couldn’t live without is… Is this the part where I talk about my overwhelming love for my family? Because they’ll tell you the truth: as my son says, I have an unhealthy relationship with coffee.

My favorite clothing item is the  running jacket my daughter gave me. Both of my kids became runners in school. In a way, our relationship was forged running together, helping them learn about themselves and what they can accomplish. When I wear it, I think of her and how close we are, in part because of all the miles we ran together.

The motto that I live by is  “Commit.” When I commit, you have me 100 percent.