Huffman & Huffman, Attorneys: Celebrating 50 years of golden accomplishment

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The founders of Huffman and Huffman, Brad W. Huffman, left, and Charles A. Huffman III. (Photo by Frequency Creative)

For me, to be in business with my brother for 50 years continuously is a sense of accomplishment,” says Brad W. Huffman, senior partner of Huffman & Huffman Brothers-in-Law, PLLC. This year marks 50 years of practicing personal injury law for one of the most well known and well loved personal injury law firms in Hampton Roads. The firm’s reputation has only grown since its first days as a law practice. With offices in Newport News and Virginia Beach, the firm serves Virginians from across the Commonwealth.

Charles A. Huffman III, the firm’s founding senior partner, retired in January. His brother remarked on missing his presence in their offices since then. “I’ve always looked up to Charlie,” Huffman shares. “I’m the one who followed his footsteps into law school. He was an attorney for five years before me.”

Huffman & Huffman began its operations in 1973 with Charlie Huffman, Brad Huffman, and Deborah “Debbie” Armstrong, who worked as a secretary and “superwoman” with additional duties as the firm grew. Armstrong was followed by Gerrie Nimmo, the firm’s second secretary who continues to work for the practice as the office manager.

The firm’s exponential growth over five decades has increased Huffman & Huffman’s roster to eight practicing attorneys, plus several other employees and staff members who are essential to the firm’s daily operations. The company’s incredible dedication to the people of the Peninsula has contributed to the family-like relationship the partners strive to establish with its clients. Huffman & Huffman is a true family business to its very core, whose partners and workers treat clients as their own loved ones.

“Many people try to take care of legal matters on their own. There’s a lot to deal with,” says Huffman, regarding the pursuit of legal action after an injury and/or accident. “We want people to feel comfortable around us [who may feel] intimidated by seeing an attorney. [We want to] let them know we’re here to help them.

“When we represent someone, especially if the person has significant injuries,” Huffman says, “to be able to help them put their life back together and ensure they are compensated in a way that they’re going to be taken care of for life ­— that’s a great feeling. It’s also a great feeling if you can’t settle the case, giving your client the opportunity to have his or her day in court.” Huffman also spoke of the significance of representing “an individual against a large company.”

With distracted driving remaining a major cause of many auto accidents, Huffman & Huffman advocates for safer driving practices through its marketing and engagement in external work beyond practicing law. The firm also donates to and volunteers with local charities, including Thrive Peninsula Food Pantry.

Senior litigation attorney Keith J. Leonard, a partner who had been drawn to representing personal injury clients, came to Huffman & Huffman after three years of practicing law. “Charlie and Brad taught me a great deal by example about not only what it means to care for and help clients, but also how to run a successful business and the importance of doing it correctly,” he says.

“Huffman & Huffman has always been a well known and respected firm I was familiar with as a kid,” Leonard says. “The Huffmans and I met for lunch one day to discuss my joining the firm and that was one of the best lunches of my life. It has been very rewarding to look back on clients we have helped and the professionals who have joined our firm.”

When asked what he would say to his younger self in 1982 (the year he joined his brother in business), Brad Huffman says: “Do the best job you can for each and every client. Give as much time and effort as you can into each case. We treat our clients like family, and that’s part of our marketing ­— ‘let our family help your family.’”

Huffman enjoys traveling. He and his wife have two grown sons —Eric works in the firm’s marketing department and Matthew will soon attend law school. “My brother Richard also worked here for a number of years as a private investigator,” he adds.

Founding partner Charlie is currently enjoying retirement. He is an avid boater with a son, daughter and grandchildren.

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