Farmer’s Table: Family comes first, even in dining

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Family fun at Farmer’s Table with Bobby Hionis and Katelyn Jones and their children.

Bobby Hionis and Katelyn Jones, husband and wife, opened the first location of their restaurant, Farmer’s Table in Smithfield in 2019. Prior to their business opening, each of them was working full-time within different fields of service. Over time, they decided to expand. As Jones says, “We no longer wanted to work on a 9-5 basis; we wanted to enjoy what we did every day.”

The idea of creating a business in the food industry was inspired by an extensive history of working in different food-based services, connections to independent farm businesses, including their own and wanting to create an environment within their restaurant that was family-inclusive, interactive and relaxed. In recent months, the couple has opened their second location in Newport News. Jones says “We have lived in the Newport News area for a while now. One thing we’ve gained from opening this location is getting closer to our local community. We have met so many people doing this.” 

In addition to serving American-style food provided by local Virginia farms, markets and bakeries, Farmer’s Table prides itself in its interactive style business with wall murals, tractors, an ice cream walk-up window and a large outdoor space with ample seating. The most important goal is that their restaurant holds a sense of “familial grace” and is an experience adults and children can enjoy. As such, the menu is accommodating to all ages and tastes, including classic hamburgers and hotdogs, ranging from brisket sandwiches to corn dog nuggets. 

Jones reveals that she and her husband feel most rewarded with the relationships they have established with their customers and employees. Their passion for Farmer’s Table only continues to grow with many new, planned additions in the works. Jones explains that in the next few years, she hopes to see their menu extended to include breakfast items alongside the original lunch and dinner options. The couple anticipates the opening of an outdoor fresh meat and fish market on select days. Even more ambitiously, they hope to create an on-the-go food truck service, which would specifically serve employees at Newport News Shipyard, with the intention of giving back to the community.

The Farmer’s Table is a business that centers around the importance of community, family and American cuisine. Through the efforts of their partnership, the couple has created careers they both love and a place that all families in the Newport News community can enjoy. 

Farmer’s Table
Address: 11135 Warwick Blvd., Newport News, VA 23601
Phone: 757-262-6232
Contact: Katelyn Jones

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