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Point Blank

Something that most people don’t appreciate enough is  having alone time to clear the mind and thoughts from a hard day’s work. 

Years of practicing law has taught me  to be patient, compassionate, understanding and how to be a good businesswoman. 

My favorite fall outdoor activity is watching the leaves change color. It’s beautiful to watch the changing of the seasons, especially driving from court to court. 

 If I were all-powerful, I would change the manner in which people treat each other. 

I hope people I just met think of me as a person of integrity.

Something that most people probably don’t know about me is  I play the drums for fun. 

My most exciting travels have been to Washington, D.C., Cancun, Bermuda and the Bahamas. I have had the privilege of attending the American Inns of Court dinner at the U.S. Supreme Court four times, and every attorney should make that trek. I am grateful to have been invited to the Governor’s Executive Mansion twice this year for Women’s History Month and Asian Pacific Islander Month.

My favorite place to eat lunch in Newport News depends on my mood. There are many good restaurants. On a hot day, Monty’s Penguin has the best ice cream cones. I also like Rita’s.

A mentor who has taught me the most is Ed Chambers, who advised me to always fall on the right side of ethics. When I was a child, my father’s business attorney was Buddy David and I was influenced by observing his interaction with my father.

A charity that I am in full support of is Virginia Center For Inclusive Communities. I also support Montero Medical Missions and the American Inns of Court for its relentless pursuit of professionalism, ethics and civility in the legal profession.