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Aaron DeHart

Aaron DeHart loves his job as senior store manager at the Newport News Federal Express (FedEx) Office, where he has worked since July of 2020. “No day is the same, which is one of the things I like about FedEx Office. You never know what solution you may need to come up with for a guest when he or she walks in the door,” DeHart says about the ever-changing and fast-paced nature of his job. DeHart and his team of seven handle all printing needs, including photos, banners and signs, as well as shipping, packing and inbound package needs — and even self-serve copiers, computer rentals and faxing needs.

DeHart’s start in the field began at a different FedEx location three years ago, and when he found FedEx, he knew it was a good match. “I have been in retail management for my whole career, and I was looking for a company that offered excellent work life balance and had a great culture for its employees,” DeHart says of what made him choose FedEx. The senior store manager enjoys coming up with creative solutions while staying up to date on the new technology in his store.

DeHart wants his team to feel the same way about work, too. “The atmosphere of this specific store is a fun work environment. I believe that everyone on my team brings value to what we do. When the team is enjoying themselves and know they are valued, it makes the best situation for team members and our guests,” DeHart says of their work culture.

DeHart and his FedEx Office team are dedicated to giving customers the best possible service, no matter the circumstances. “A typical day consists of fulfilling guests’ needs, from basic printing and shipping to more elaborate solutions. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers and finding solutions to meet the needs of anyone who comes in,” DeHart says. FedEx Office also takes pride in providing clean and safe spaces for its customers while working to provide “The Purple Promise,” which states that the FedEx Office team will make every FedEx experience outstanding for its customers.

What makes this FedEx Office stand out? “We offer a consistent experience from all of our stores but still add a personal touch,” says DeHart. “When you couple that with the printing and shipping services that we provide, we are a one-stop shop for many of our guests, saving them time and money.”

DeHart emphasizes that the relationships he has built at FedEx Office are special and important to his daily work. “We have many regulars that come in for shipping and printing, including many local small businesses. I think it is awesome to be able to have a positive impact by supporting the local economy as well as helping develop my staff,” DeHart says.

Looking at how FedEx has handled the changes along with the Coronavirus pandemic, DeHart described how business has been increased for his team and himself. “While shipping has never been busier, COVID-19, like with many other businesses, took a toll on our printing side of business,” DeHart says. With their shipping business booming, DeHart wants the community to know that FedEx prides itself on timely and safe package deliveries and package tracking. The business even has a “Hold-at-Location” option for people who may be out of town or do not want their packages left on their doorstep.

Despite the daily busy schedule, DeHart still makes sure to enjoy his free time with his family. “I am married with three kids, one boy and two girls, so they happily take up a lot of my time. I coach my son’s little league and enjoy keeping a salt-water fish tank. I also have recently taken up disc golf!” DeHart says of his stress-relieving hobbies.

Aaron DeHart and his team are confident that customers’ printing and shipping needs can be taken care of and are a priority at their store. “We are dedicated to making sure we deliver on all levels for our guests. Our goal is to be the #1 store in the region, and we cannot do that without our valued guests. To anyone who has used us in the past, thank you,” DeHart says.

FedEx Office
Address: 550 Oyster Point Rd., Ste. G, Newport News, VA 23602
Phone: 757-249-8480
Contact: Aaron DeHart, senior store manager
Business: Shipping and printing

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