Jennifer “Jenny” David – Partner, David, Kamp & Frank

Point Blank

Jenny David and her son Reilly

Something I wish more people knew about practicing law is  that success at trial depends more on organization and preparation than the “gotcha” moments depicted on television and in the movies.

If people only remember three things about me after meeting me, I hope those things are  that I am friendly, that I have listened to them and that I care about them and the outcome of their case.

Something I am passionate about is the work of the American Joint Distribution Committee (JDC). If you aren’t familiar with JDC, Google it — you’ll be amazed at all that it does.

That which brings me the most happiness is  spending time with my family.

A song that I can’t help but dance to is  “1999” by Prince.

The best life advice I have been given came from  my Aunt Jane, who told me to enjoy my children at each age and to appreciate every stage for what it is. I’ve really taken that to heart and gain immense pleasure in watching my children grow and change.

Something my family hears me say all the time is “I’m going to sit down for minute.” (I usually say this once I get dinner on to cook and decide a break is deserved. It may also be code for “I’m going to have a glass of wine while dinner cooks.”)

Something I have recently learned about myself is I am capable of doing more than I previously thought I could.

A charitable organization I am passionate about supporting is the United Jewish Community of the Virginia Peninsula.

My favorite show to binge watch is “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.”

Something I love doing is cooking and entertaining.

My heart swells when I think about  my three guys — my husband, Josh, and my sons, Reilly and Reece.

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