Hampton Roads Orthopaedics Spine & Sports Medicine: The business of treating pain

Dr. Adrian Baddar (seated, far right) is surrounded by the team at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics. (photo Courtesy of Hampton Roads Orthopaedics)

By Aubrey Kincaid

“This is the first practice for every doctor who is currently here, so everybody who has come here has stayed here and loves it here,” says Dr. Adrian Baddar, an orthopedic surgeon with Hampton Roads Orthopaedics Spine & Sports Medicine. 

Hampton Roads Orthopaedics is the oldest orthopedic practice on the Virginia Peninsula, with more than 60 years in the business. Until recently, Baddar and his wife lived in Northern Virginia. They settled there after finishing school—she at the College of William and Mary and he at the University of Virginia. Dr. Baddar’s brother was already practicing medicine on the Peninsula. It wasn’t a hard decision to move since this area was where they wanted to be. 

All of the surgeons have a similar story, coming to this practice for a reason. These doctors wanted to be practicing in this area. Several surgeons were in the military as physicians stationed at area bases. Others have moved here from across the country including Boston, Texas, Atlanta and most recently Canada. Physicians in the city work a little bit harder and make a little bit less, and with all that the Peninsula has to offer, the area is ideal to practice medicine. 

Each of the surgeons at Hampton Roads Orthopaedics has a specialty. Baddar is fellowship trained in hip and knee replacement but also works with other patients suffering with orthopaedic ailments. 

When he is not working, Baddar spends as much time with his wife and three kids as possible. The Baddars are working on an elaborate tree house and do a lot of the outdoor recreational activities in the area together, as well as take exciting vacations. In 2017, they went to Barcelona, and last year they visited Ireland. 

While there are three other primary orthopedic practices in the area, Hampton Roads Orthopaedics is the largest independent practice with a total of 27 providers. Among them are surgeons, interventional pain management physicians, podiatrists and other providers. For the first few years after Baddar arrived, Hampton Roads Orthopaedics maintained only six surgeons before branching into pain management, podiatry and recently urgent care. 

The practice’s next move was to begin opening facilities in Williamsburg and it currently has surgeons and a pain management physician who work from that location as the practice continues to grow and expand. 

Within the practice, its pain management group addresses pain that can’t be fixed surgically. “Sometimes our bodies produce pain and there’s no way to tell what’s causing it or where it’s coming from,” Baddar says. “But there are things that can be done to help people manage it.” 

As a group, the surgeons strive to bring in new technologies across the board as soon as possible. Baddar says the practice has been the leader in orthopedic care for the Peninsula, ensuring its patients have amazing outcomes. 

“The staff prides itself on doing as good a job as possible for its patients. We all want to do well and we’re a very entrepreneurial group,” Baddar adds. An urgent care center was added in August 2017 to help alleviate the frustrating wait times for patients who would otherwise spend hours in an emergency room. 

In this environment where a lot of the doctors are working for hospitals and hospitals are trying to keep referrals internal, Hampton Roads Orthopaedics manages to survive and thrive because its patients are telling their friends and family, even carrying around business cards to share with others. 

One example of its leading technology and patient care is the way Hampton Roads Orthopaedics performs hip replacements that spare all of the muscles, allowing for a faster recovery. 

Several years ago, a woman was visiting from Washington, D.C., and fell and broke her hip. Baddar was on call, and the woman told him that she didn’t want treatment here. Her insurance wouldn’t pay for transport back to D.C. so she was stuck with them and thought she was in the middle of the woods, but she had to have the hip replacement after the way she fell. 

Baddar performed the hip replacement and a month later, the patient was back in his clinic. He was shocked and when he asked her what she was doing there, she said that she drove down from D.C. and made an appointment just to let him know how amazed she was at her recovery time. She wanted to know the name of the practice so she could refer her friends and family. 

Baddar explains, “Everyone comes to us because they’re hurting—we’re in the business of treating pain. People will put up with a lot before they come in; however, I can’t tell you how many people come in, just thanking us over and over for restoring their quality of life.” 

Hampton Roads Orthopaedics Spine & Sports Medicine 

Address: 730 Thimble Shoals Blvd., Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 757-873-1554

Website: www.hrosm.com

Business: Orthopaedic surgery, podiatry, pain management, urgent care

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