Empower Information Systems: Providing real security in the virtual world

Will Robertson, general manager of Empower Information Systems (Photo by Terilyn Goins)

Living in a world where everything and everyone is connected through a series of wires and networks makes for a very complicated, enlightening and advanced way of life. But with these connections comes concern about personal privacy and information protection.

Empower Information Systems, located on Thimble Shoals Boulevard, is in the business of providing its customers with peace of mind in their networking experiences, affording them the opportunity to operate their company without fear of compromising their security.

As a managed service provider, Empower provides customers with help-desk solutions, networking capabilities, back-up solutions, cyber security solutions, equipment setup and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. Its service reach extends from Baltimore, Maryland to the Virginia/North Carolina border, with much of it centered in the Hampton Roads area.

Empower has completed custom networking and security service work for the mid-Atlantic American Dental Association, Blue Water Yacht Sales, Matrix Capital Marketing Group and Richmond Electric Supply Company (RESCO).

As a small company of about 15 employees, including the owners, office staff, sales staff and engineers, Empower is equipped to offer customized networking and security services in a very hands-on manner that focuses on quality customer service. 

As Will Robertson, general manager, says, “We will start the process right, learn your day-to-day business and custom tailor solutions to meet your specific needs. Once we begin the process, we find out how our customers work and we strive to make things easier for them so they’re not struggling to connect to software. We have constant contact with our customers. If we can make their work process easier, it’s a win-win for all.”

While much of the work Empower does now relies heavily on the physical presence of computer hardware, Robertson says this is not the way of the future. As the virtual environment expands, there will be a tremendous reduction in hardware and maintenance needs. According to Robertson, “The future of the company is the world of cloud competencies and cloud computing. We are trying to move our customers into a virtual environment, significantly reducing the cost of hardware and maintenance. Rather than relying on the physical presence of hardware, everything is managed through large data centers.” With this type of virtual experience, customers can log into their computers and access everything they need from wherever they are.

Given the nature of computer processing, technological advancements and the constant threat of computer viruses and malware, Empower spends a great deal of time managing cyber security issues. “The biggest thing is to make sure machines stay updated with current definitions for malware and viruses,” Robertson says. 

When it comes to ensuring the safest online experience possible, Robertson says, “I advise friends, family and professional partners that they are always the first line of defense. If someone asks for your password or to reset your password, always remember that a legitimate company would never request such a thing.” Keeping this in mind, Robertson says, “will protect you from cyber security threats 90 percent of the time.”

As a company, says Robertson, Empower wants “to provide care and solutions to our customers to help them improve their data business processes, to make life easier for them and to reduce stress and worries that accompany IT management.” 

Whether the task at hand is to set up hardware and networking, back up completed work or ensure the greatest cyber security possible, Empower Information Systems desires to help its customers grow and achieve the very best possible outcomes in their work life experience. 

Empower Information Systems

Address: 732 Thimble Shoals Blvd.,
Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 866-477-1544

Contact: Will Robertson, general manager

Website: empoweris.com

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