Gault Electric, LLC: Powered by customer service

William Cannon, right, helps Par Sims, Jr., repair a piece of electrical equipment.

Being in the dark is no fun. When the power goes out, anxiety goes up.

No one knows that better than William Cannon, co-owner of Gault Electric. He understands the importance of quick service and strong customer relations. 

“We are all about trust and loyalty,” Cannon says. “We answer our own phones and show up. We will be there to take care of it.” 

Cannon, 47, joined Gault in 2003. He became a partner with owner Mike Gault and subsequently became chief financial officer. When Gault retired in early 2018 and moved to Florida, Cannon and his wife, Stacey, took over. 

“We shared the same vision. We focus on customer service,” Cannon says.

The company’s customer base is 90 percent residential and 10 percent commercial. A large part of Gault’s business is the sale and installation of home generators. Each year, between 300 and 350 generators, the majority of which are home stand-by generators, are installed.

In addition to generators, Gault, located on Canon Boulevard, performs any and all electrical work and also services heat and air conditioners with the help of its sister company, Cannon HVAC. Gault is a Lowe’s contractor, providing electrical work to customers of 16 area Lowe’s stores.

Gault has 17 trucks on the road and services more than 40 calls a day.

The company has 24-hour emergency service. Cannon says he is never far from his phone. He watches the weather and knows that when a hurricane is swirling out in the Atlantic, his phone is about to ring off the hook with worried customers.

“He watches the weather closely,” says Stacey, who is co-owner and works in the office. 

Cannon, who has electrical, plumbing and building licenses, grew up in Hampton and graduated from the Apprentice School of Newport News Shipbuilding and St. Leo’s University with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. The father of a teenage daughter, Cannon is strongly rooted in the community and takes great pride in the work his company performs. He is not one to stay in the office and delegate. He enjoys being hands-on and doing the work, even as the owner.

“I’d much rather be out there than behind a desk,” he says. “It keeps you sharp. I don’t expect my guys to do anything I don’t do.”

He encourages his employees to treat every job and customer like it’s their own home or relative. Gault strives, Cannon says, to build trust and loyalty in the community.

Cannon, an avid outdoors man, not only loves the electrical piece of the work, but he also enjoys talking with customers and being out in the community. 

“He is a people person,” Stacey says with a smile. 

Gault prides itself on word-of-mouth referrals. When a customer is happy, hopefully he or she will spread the word.

“That’s the best compliment you can receive,” Stacey says.

Gault provides old-fashioned customer service. The office is fully staffed, and when a customer calls, the phone in answered by a person, not a machine. And after service is provided, the company mails thank you cards.

“People want to talk to a nice, friendly voice,” Cannon says. “Sometimes they just want to talk to the owner.” 

Gault Electric, LLC

Address: 11840 Canon Blvd., #200,
Newport News, VA 23606

Phone: 757-220-3300

Contact: William and Stacey Cannon, owners


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