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To Your Health

Because I continue to get positive feedback on this, I’m going to lead with what has become my annual January mantra: Another year has passed and 2019 will fly by, too. You will not be the same a year from now. The change may be gradual or dramatic, but the reality of life will not allow you to just stay the same. 

Due to research we now know, you have more control than ever to affect what we used to think was inevitable aging. You can have positive results in strength, daily energy, body weight, balance and almost all measurable health criteria. I hope you choose to improve.

Every year in December/January I list the various aspects of my life: My health, family, career, finances, lifestyle… and then I write specifics about improvement because there is always lots of room for it. I also try to be realistic and state where I am in each. Please notice I list My Health first. This is not due to my (admitted) self indulgence. It’s because I clarified long ago that I could only contribute my best efforts in any of the other areas if I were not burdened by my health problems. I lastly identify the positives in each area and center on being thankful for them.

Being thankful
If you’re reading this you’ve been fortunate to live your life in the easiest, most plentiful time in all of human existence on this planet. Please re-read and reflect on that for a moment. 

And yet, all around me I see anger and conflict and divisiveness. I’m standing up for a more positive INclusive outlook. Instead of complaining and being adversarial as so much of our national mood has become, individually we can be more friendly/less argumentative, more cooperative/less competitive, more pleasant/less combative, show empathy/not indifference or hostility, be more supportive/less discouraging. I’m not being starry-eyed about some peace and love all-hold-hands movement. I’m just talking about a conscious effort to filter our thoughts and actions through a nicer filter. There are many opportunities to be more thankful and kind to those less fortunate and in need.

Why are some folks so lucky? It’s like they always seem to do OK. Partly it’s because they adapt. As in “things work out best for those who make the best of the way things worked out.” True, but also partly because they see luck as recognizing opportunities as they pass through and choose to act decisively. Before making choices, they’ve prepared themselves by accepting responsibility for where they are in life without blaming others or circumstances. Then they can accept that Our choices are our circumstances. And in this country, we have so much freedom to make our choices. 

I wish you the best as you make yours in 2019! 

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